Sep 24

Amazingly Beautiful Weed Buds

Some of the best Weed Strains of the World. Some personal favourites up in here 🙂
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Californian strain review with Clark French from Clear and Action4MS. Clark has been smoking joints to the face all day everyday here in San Francisco trying to recover from 9 months of high priced, poor quality medicine. He suffers with quite severe MS and uses Cannabis in large amounts daily to lead a more comfortable life and reduce the very debilitating symptoms. PURPLE DIESEL is the strain of the day and you can find out more about it at Clark’s Blog over at www.ClarkFrench.wordpress.com Action4MS can be contacted at www.Facebook.com/Action4MS and find out more about Access Sativex too. Access Sativex – clear-uk.org & clear-uk.org Tokeep up to date with the rest of my travels and ganja experience please visit www.CannabisCure.co.uk and subscribe to The Cannabis Cure UK Weekly News Podcast. Each week I’ll be covering UK Cannabis stories and Activism, I’ll have more guests on talking about strains, preparations, the history of cannabis, and you’ll also get to meet some of most important movers and shakers in the cannabis community from across the world! Tweet me: @CannabisCureUK www.twitter.com/CannabisCureUK Facebook: Cure Ukay www.facebook.com/CureUkay Podomatic: The Cannabis Cure UK Weekly News Podcast www.CureUK.podomatic.com Join Clear – Cannabis Law Reform www.Clear-UK.org & www.facbook.com/ClearUK Thanks for watching Enjoy Peace!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. EchoXxMcLovin

    Hey dude, can you tell me what program you used to make this ?

  2. forgotaboutbre

    @ Hahahahaha. I’m a nerd who tokes weed to Imagine again, but I also enjoy hip hop sometimes too, but there is a LOT more to me than hip hop. There is a lot more to me than my degree in Aerospace Engineering too.

  3. gooo35

    42 Likes and 0 Dislikes.. 420 baby, please dont change it

  4. Ldotplop

    looks all the same to me

  5. EstrelaC12

    @chrisrh420 weedporn.com 🙂

  6. 5dollarsbuzz

    i want widow !!!!Nice buds dude

  7. motherhead123

    Check my nugs 😀

  8. Baldurthegood

    Nerds need to take weed back from the ‘gangster’ image. Take the weed back! but only because I hate fucking rap. Nothing against them, but ghetto africans did not invent weed. Wouldn’t it be nice if people toked to imagine again instead of fucking cop killa? gee, I wonder if people would be more willing to legalize cannabis if it didn’t have names like original gangster kush.

  9. Ediranii

    TMI !!!! good vid tho xD

  10. ramjamz99

    @christianz2010 i like Colorado we have sweet strains too!!!

  11. frankovich213

    @christianz2010 lol I’d love to go to Cali and try the weed but I’d be too scared of getting locked up. Here in South Australia you just get an on the spot fine just like speeding and they take your weed of course but you don’t get arrested. lol

  12. christianz2010

    @perave77 have you ever been to Cali?

  13. christianz2010

    @ramjamz99 Cali

  14. VyskerenyZajac

    i love smoke weed with name…how hhhigh..

  15. flaegz0rr

    @perave77 no but if you do a research you’ll find out for yourself

  16. perave77

    @flaegz0rr have you ever been to holland?

  17. flaegz0rr

    @perave77 you can get it in like every coffeshop

  18. perave77

    @flaegz0rr welke coffeshop?

  19. flaegz0rr

    @perave77 ofcourse you can

  20. rebel9568

    @peto911007 purps usually have a sleepy kinda feeling to them. great night time buds!

  21. perave77

    purple kush looks goood 😛
    do you know if we can get it in holland?

  22. ramjamz99

    were can i go to get this weed!!!!

  23. chrisrh420


  24. beezyb42011

    i almost seks’ed the screen at amnezia haze

  25. weedbabyfly

    love bubble gum *

  26. lambofgod661

    @ReynerkidMontages its a medicine though..

  27. SnkyCyanTurtle

    Good stuff man

  28. MRJustNCredible

    a bro when are you going back to the uk? I’m a medical patent in cali too (mountain view) an it would be pretty dope to burn it with you (no homo of course haha) but you seem chill and i want to learn more about your organization

  29. kevo1990vicciolo

    @mexiluvsw pineapple diesel ! and got it its sum fire !!!

  30. kevo1990vicciolo

    got this right now is sum fire !

  31. BunglesBreh

    been smoking on this pineapple diesel oil up in seattle 🙂

    what a wonderful strain it is.

  32. CannabisCureTV

    @ReynerkidMontages of course it is, why wouldn’t it be? It’s hard to not look at our cannabis in terms of medical when it makes such a dramatic difference to our health and quality of life. Both Clark and I have said here or on the podcast many times, we both started as recreational smokers and would both be recreational smokers even if we didn’t have life altering diseases.

  33. walnutcreekjg1385

    @mrsmithcolin175 im not even gonna answer that….

  34. ReynerkidMontages

    hello there, there is so much talk of “medicinal marijuana” and what not.
    So what about plane old recreational smoking, plain old? Is that acceptable?

  35. CannabisCureTV

    @NeutralAtJSP spread the word the to the crew that havent heard!

  36. NeutralAtJSP

    We need more people to support CLEAR.
    People don’t understand how much of a positive effect cannabis can have to people suffering from hundreds of ailments.

  37. johnnyapple1193

    i have that same wooden cigar box as a stash box.,, wow. small world

  38. mexiluvsw

    mmmmmhhhhh pineapple kush. i gotta get me some of that shit. i live in S.E, AZ and all I can get out here is mexican brick weed some shitty dirt weed!!! i need some dank i guess im just gonna have to drive to phoenix to get some haha.

  39. mexiluvsw

    mmmmmhhhhh pineapple kush. i gotta get me some of that shit. i live in S.E AZ and all I can get out here is mexican brick weed some shitty dirt weed!!! i need some dank i guess im just gonna have to drive to phoenix to get some haha.

  40. bauersbuds420

    @mrsmithcolin175 its grows like tht

  41. mrsmithcolin175

    or does it just grow like that?

  42. mrsmithcolin175

    how do they make it taste like pineapple?

  43. kahunabraddas808

    Hey hey clark! Baclofen makes me feel drunk! Tinctures are natural and easier for the body to handle than any baclofen or spacticity related symptoms! Have you ever tried sativex?

  44. pwnage333

    I feel you man I smoke joints every day. Nothing better than a nice smooth joint on a mellow day.

  45. ItsAllJustMovement

    @has2002bin Yes I know dude, I was a pro for two years makin money off it n’ shit. But then I broke my SHIT haha. So uh ya…check my channel I gotta vid of ME before my ankle break. I had to get surgery on it too which is why I got my MMJ card here in Denver for chronic pain.

  46. CannabisCureTV

    @Akida646 or… you can keep your keif on your herbs and smoke it in the joint! 😀

  47. Akida646

    I like how you have a 3 dollar grinder, haha 😀 you should get a better grinder that also collects keif

  48. RyanT0p1ak4891

    i hate joints!

  49. rocksteady00708

    mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm lol

  50. has2002bin

    @ItsAllJustMovement yeah iv got a mate who trains for NRPK and PKA (Norwich parkour and Parkour Alliance) you shod check his channel. catlikemat. also to stop the hurt as well as smoking ofcorse if u make sure that you properly warm up its not to fun to do but it helps alot.

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