Mar 03

Best marijuana legalization argument movie

the best movie for arguing the legalization of marijuana, leave comment with your views/arguments

Step by step, & up close instruction on how to make Cannabutter for Medical Marijuana patients.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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    The Gateway Theory for weed is equivalent to saying that if you drink soda, you are at risk of becoming an alcoholic… I can’t stand ignorant fucks.

  2. bermudaguy1

    You did good 007!
    I love the way ppl talk about drugs and alcohol…..you fuckin dicks, alcohol is a drug! Why the seperation? Cuz one is legal?
    Vote Ron Paul 2012 and stop the insanity!

  3. ShadowGunner82

    If you want to legalize pot, you have to go through the pharmaceutical companies. They’re the ones who hold sway (and money) in Washington D.C.

  4. SeanACampbell

    @Barre76 Agreed.

  5. aashusaiyed

    @HorizonBladeworks MAN U NOT ONLY GET MY VOTE YOUGET THE VOTES MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF BABY-BOOMERS WHO WILL TESTYFY FOR ITS ORGANIC GOODNESS.I been using for a coulple of century if not more!i should know.Happy stoning!

  6. Barre76

    @SeanACampbell the ‘gateway’ drug is a debunked piece of crap

  7. RajRani10

    It makes so much sense to legalize………and yet we don’t. Vote yes on prop 19 in 2012!

  8. MrArdless

    is this skatman joe in the beginning??

  9. SeanACampbell

    I smoke cannabis, and I have absolutely no reason, want or need to touch heroin or methamphetamine. Gateway drug my ass.

  10. HorizonBladeworks

    BRAVO!!! the “GATEWAY” theory is self serving bullshit. Marijuana is a CLASS 1 controled substance. They clasify marijuana as a narcotic with no medicinal value. #1. Marijuana is NOT a narcotic by definition. #2. Marijuana has hundreds of viable medical uses and has been used medicinally for nearly 5000 years. How can a law be valid if it’s based on invalid falshoods? The drug companys pump out poison for profit with impunity. The arguement agaonst marijuana is contrived at best.

  11. Darkheart101

    lol Montel is sooo right about Appalachia. My sister-in-law and I went on a walk through the forest and stumbled on someones pot patch. We didn’t walk far because she was able to yell at her husband, who was still at the house and said “WE JUST FOUND SOMEONES WEED!!!!” XD It’s a pretty rural area, I bet the grower walked MILES thinking “hey this is a good spot” XD

  12. psillyguava

    Vote Ron Paul 2012? to end the UNSUCCESSFUL 40 YEAR LONG WAR on the people’s choice to consume substances (The end of the war on drugs).

    Ron Paul to audit the fed. Ron Paul to default the Constitution.? Ron Paul to end the “Patriot” Act. Ron Paul to end the private bankers “Federal” Reserve and the power for them to print currency (UNCONSTITUTIONAL).

    Ron Paul to end warantless spying on American citizens, like you and I

    Ron Paul to restore the people’s rights!!!

  13. calledforwar

    0:45 did anyone else notice the subliminal green flash?

  14. FromDreamz2Reality


  15. BanjoSV

    @Pazma1 Good point, “Marijuana” or “Marihuana” was the scare tactic name given to cannabis, cause a spanish name sounds more scary to people who were being told about crazed pot smoking mexicans murdering people.

  16. spidermonkey1993

    No one, NO ONE, has ever died DIRECTLY because of marijuana, people who get to a certain point of addiction to it are only addicted because they are one of many things, could be anything really, but marijuana is not addictive! I have asthma and heart disease and my breathing, heart rate, etc. has not changed a bit since I started smoking 2 years ago, if anything, I believe I’ve become better at breathing and more intelligent since then. STOP THIS FAILING WAR ON DRUGS!

  17. xRAWRER

    Yeah, I’m a terrible person. I like to hang out with friends, smoke, get some taco bell, watch tv then fall asleep like a baby. Someone should really throw me in jail huh?!(sarcasm) Why the fuck should that be illegal..?

  18. KamasutraButterfly

    Why is people so afraid of marijuana and not alcohol? Because marijuana is labeled as a “drug” and alcohol isn’t? Well, coffee was once labeled as a drug also, and technically it actually is a drug. But how come I never see ANYONE trying to make coffee illegal?

  19. lolfake111

    @cavs608 Sounds like a reason to me.

  20. Automobile577

    I smoked 2 joints before I smoked 2 joints, and then I smoked 2 more

  21. cavs608

    my grandma says im a dope addict because i use marijuana to put behind all the bullshit she causes on me and my familys bullshit

  22. TheRealAmsterdam

    Ahh ha. Obama said I inhaled frequently. If I get it, he’s making fun of Clinton…

  23. hyyer7

    There should be seriously be a peaceful worldwide movement in favor of legalizong this herb that God brought to this our world!!!

  24. slutypet

    cannabis is the the great hope.
    keep on fighting, america.

  25. Pazma1

    Let’s stop calling it Marijuana and start calling it hemp or cannabis again.

  26. MorDoobies420

    perfect. 🙂

  27. LazarusEinstein

    Bravo! Best video I have seen so far. You truly know what you are doing. I hope more people see this video.

  28. MrLickmesack

    this is the real deal thank you !!

  29. cherylcake4u

    @thatguyfromImpanema Thanks for your insight. I know what you mean about the crockpot. The biggest mistake is the simmering for hours.

  30. Despys

    Do u have a Twitter or facebook?

  31. pruetoricangirl

    (; thanx for the info

  32. bradyR21

    i bet your son is the cookie monster

  33. bamboneski

    i love you gramma


    bestes video was ich gesehn hab

  35. noryd

    excellent excellent video. helped me very much. the teaspoon of vodka was a nice little touch ive never even thought of before. Thanks a ton for the great vid.

  36. apbtdobe

    @circaboy (that was sarcasm btw, don’t smoke it)

  37. quarterpastcrazy

    Hi, I have a low tolerance. Can I use a 1/2oz of leaf to a lb of butter to make it less potent? Will it still work?

  38. quarterpastcrazy

    @circaboy You can smoke it if you want… it’ll get you high. It’s probably better for you than smoking the actual herb really…

  39. Bublonichronic

    WATCH MY VIDEO, for BEST recipe =P

  40. squatchfest

    Ganja goodness 🙂

  41. thatguyfromImpanema

    FINALLY! Someone who knows WTF their doing!.. Back in the day this was called”Alcohol Butter Baths”Watching all the different variations of what this process has become over the decades is startling! You should only use water in the second step as she has!!, and appearently none of these people know about the alcohol. So many people are wasting So much grass!.. there’s a kid on here with a CROCKPOT! I’m in tears over here. This video needs to go VIRAL as they say.Thnks flowrchild @cherylcake4u.

  42. circaboy

    sounds stupid but can you smoke it? like in a pipe or a joint? or do you absolutely have to eat it?

  43. Gears408

    ur awesome!

  44. Schueller420

    When pouring the watery butter into a container, should you strain it or not?

  45. mario91252

    This is the best canabutter video. Too bad i dont have enough time for the whole process. :/

  46. cherylcake4u

    @Matta212121 yes and yes

  47. cherylcake4u

    @meyerlifts The thc activates when exposed to heat. You can eat the butter as is, spread it on toast or a muffin after it solidifies somewhat.

  48. Matta212121

    when cooking the weed does it smell?
    when cooking the weed does it smell?

  49. kalam29

    She sounds fucking hilarious everytime she says ganja

  50. qwertyuiop9000

    you sound so baked LOOOL

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