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Sep 13

17th High Times Cannabis Cup Entries

BC Bud Depot wins High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica

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Sep 13

Why won’t my canabis seeds sprout?

Question by Matt karalis: Why won’t my canabis seeds sprout?
hey I’m trying to germitate my medical marijuana seeds and they are in a container with 72 degrees and damp papertowels , i have had them in there for 2-3 days. nothing is going on. they look swollen but i don’t know. why arnt theysprouting. I’m not a beginner, I’ve grown marijuana before. help please

Best answer:

Answer by reynwater
Plant them directly in soil – no need to germinate in wet paper towel….if you’ve grown before, you should know this and that you’ll need either full sun or grow lights…use only dark/mottled (mature) seeds, white or pale aren’t viable.

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Sep 13

Latest Marijuana Seeds Vs Clones News

Time to rally
But nowhere does it say in the law how a patient or caregiver can legally acquire the seeds, clones or plants needed to get a grow operation started. In other words, someone has to be willing to break the law for a legitimate patient or caregiver to
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Sep 12

Where To Get Medical Marijuana Seeds

  As patient I know that there are many ways to acquire your medication. You can get it from a fellow patient, a collective or delivery service as well as grow your own. Along with the options comes a difference of price as far as donation costs go. The cheapest method by far is growing your own of course. Getting setup is very simple but depending on med needs could end up costing anywhere from 0 to 00 depending. There are many ways to reduce the costs especially when just starting up which includes the following.

 The simplest setup to go with is


4×4 tent (we have tested many generics and they worked out great!)

600w grow light (quantum 600’s are great)

1 or 2 gallon grow bags (these can be had for pennies on the dollar)

ffof or other medium like coco (ffof is great soil to just get in and go, add perlite to the mix as well for added drainage.)

lucas formula for nutrients ( flora micro and flora bloom)

 Some will of course add a carbon scrubber to help with grow odor and others might need a/c or heating needs that would need to be accommodated as well. Now once you have your setup ready you are going to want to decide between clones or seeds. Most patients will get clones 9 out of 10 times and that is exactly why it would be far more beneficial for YOU to grow from seeds and here is why.

 Most of the current clones in circulation have been up and down the med states for years. New genes are introduced locally at collectives but just like breeding other things, genetic diversity is important and the best way to introduce new and never before seen phenotypes is to grow from seed.


 There are also plenty of patients who grow clones for dispensaries and collectives as well as patient to patient donation exchanging. This is a great way to raise funds to reduce or eliminate your grow costs and overall expenses to provide clones and meds for fellow patients.

 If you were to grow from seed however you would have something that no one else has. You will be able to state its actual genetic background as well as overall lineage straight to the main breeder him or herself. For reviews on thousands of strains and breeders check out the medical marijuana seeds reviews

 You will be able to have strains that have never even been seen in your local collectives since most only go after one or two types and mainly over “hype”. Another great reason to grow from seed is to locate keeper females which you know no one else has and raise plenty of donations from those meds. Being able to offer your fellow patients medication that cannot be found in collectives or only at collectives that your meds are in, really is a great reason as well to grow from seeds.

 Most of the strains can be had in the to 0 range and usually come in 10 packs. If you think of the medication just one of those seeds can produce especially after cloning them and making and endless supply of them. The price for the medical marijuana seeds is a drop in the bucket compared to the rewards that will come from them. I would suggest starting with a minimum of 3-5 strains. You can usually find a keeper female or two in every 10 pack however having different strains and only keeping the best of each strain is the way to go.

 Imagine having 10 strains and you only kept the best female of each. For one you would be the only one with that pheno in your area. Most growers will only do clones and that is the same meds that gets passed around from patient to collective. You will be able to offer far better meds, different meds than what is currently going around and in my opinion better strains.

 For instance, you should check out ace seeds and mr nice seeds as far as medical marijuana seed breeders go. The best part about it, there are hundreds of quality breeders producing thousands of top shelf strains for you to choose from. Why focus on the 5 current top shelf strains going around the clubs when you can introduce potentially thousands.

 There are plenty of seed banks currently online that you can order from. We have put together a seed bank review site for the one that we feel is the #1 medical marijuana seed bank currently available and safe to order from. You however can also use a search engine to locate plenty of reputable seed banks online that you could order from as well. All I will say is buyer beware and research each seed bank fully before placing an order.

To get the “simple setup” mention in this article you can check out a grow light review and from there you can locate everything on the list for getting started.

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Sep 12

marijuana seeds paypal accepted

for the freshest seeds around go to

Sep 11

Latest Marijuana Seeds Ohio News

Pot probe of county official continues; deputy demoted
On July 19, Secoy handled a 911 call from Tammie Sullivan, wife of Commissioner Mark Sullivan, during which Tammie Sullivan reported that 39 marijuana plants (along with a quantity of pot seeds) were on the couple's property. The sheriff's office has
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Sep 10

Medical Marijuana ? The Herb That Heals?


Truth is always the first casualty of war, and no where is this more true than in the War on Drugs. In a misguided effort to stamp out rising substance abuse issues, anything that runs against the official line (loosely summarised as “all drugs are bad, all drugs are bad, all drugs are bad”) is inevitably swept under the carpet. Acknowledging that marijuana might have any positive benefits is tantamount to treason.


Yet marijuana has long been recognised within the medical establishment for its medicinal value. Noted for its capacity to relieve nausea, loss of appetite and chronic pain, it has been used with great success by sufferers of cancer, HIV, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis, proving time and again to be more effective than prescription medication.   


Using marijuana for medical purposes is no new development – many ancient cultures recognised its value. The Ancient Egyptians and Indians used it in their traditional medicine for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from the treatment of haemorrhoids to pain relief (especially for women in childbirth.) The Ancient Greeks made extensive use of marijuana seeds, steeping them in water and using the extract to treat inflammation and pain.



It continued to find use right up to the 20th century – before the advent of asprin in the 19th century, marijuana was the most commonly prescribed form of mild pain relief in most Western countries.  


After a long spell in the wilderness in the first half of the 20th century, where it was demonised as a highly dangerous substance, the medical marijuana debate was reignited in 1972 by Tod H. Mikuriya’s groundbreaking medical study, “Medical Marijuana Papers”. Since then, numerous medical studies have supported and expanded upon his findings, and marijuana today prescribed in certain US states and European nations for a wide variety of conditions.     


It isn’t all positive by any means – the majority of US states strictly prohibit the use of medical marijuana, and there has been no uptake from the majority of nations around the world (including the UK). Many people choose to get their medical marijuana illegally, running the risk of prosecution simply for seeking effective relief to chronic pain.


By all accounts, marijuana is able to provide the best form of relief for some of the most painful and debilitating conditions that people suffer from, yet draconian drug laws leave many people in unnecessary suffering.


Many people feel that the medical marijuana debate is at something of an impasse. Some countries go so far as encouraging citizens to buy marijuana seeds and grow their own supplies, whilst many other countries (such as the UK) taking an increasingly strict line against the drug.


Medical marijuana faces an uncertain future; to be seen to be actively promoting an increased use of marijuana is to commit political suicide, even though countless medical organisations (ranging from the British Medical Association to the American Public Health Association) have argued for greater access to medical marijuana.


What the future holds, none can say – it seems that all the studies in the world that promote marijuana and marijuana seeds from a medical point of point can’t overcome the political paralysis. But with more and more people becoming aware of the benefits of medical marijuana, it is to be hoped that someday everyone can enjoy the benefits of the “healing herb”, not just the lucky few in the most progressive states and countries.


Robert Kane is the web editor of Sensible Seeds. Based in the UK, the company allows you to buy marijuana seeds and informational books on cannabis.

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Sep 10

Cancer Gate Rick Simpson Cure Medicinal Studies Cannnabis Marijuana CBD CBN THC Cannabinoid

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Sep 10

have you ever ordered marijuana seeds from Amsterdam?

Question by Joe S: have you ever ordered marijuana seeds from Amsterdam?
Do any of you have any experience ordering seeds from the seed banks in Amsterdam? Did you have any problems? How long did it take?
Also wondering if you have to have a medical marijuana card to buy seeds in Canada?

Best answer:

Answer by Bri
No joe cuz i live in A’dam yo…

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Sep 09

Cops find hybrid variety of marijuana in Himachal

Cops find hybrid variety of marijuana in Himachal
Cops in remote forestland in Parvati valley came across hybrid hemp plants during campaign launched by the state police to destroy cannabis cultivation across the state. "These plants are smaller in size and have more seeds than other hemp plants that
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