Aug 31

How to germinate marijuana seeds / www.ana-b.nl

How to germinate seeds. 24 hours into the root stimulator PH 5,6 Keep it wet whit root stimulator fluorescent light 24/7 color: COOL WHITE
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I make this grow room by a medical marijuana user, to grow his own medical marijuana. To show you how easy it is to make your own a medical marijuana grow room I post this video. There are a lot of different grow systems, but this is my way to growing. Into this grow video you can see how to grow medical marijuana with ANA-B nutrition’s and seeds. Information about seeds and Nutrition’s you will find on www.ana-b.nl
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. buckley1111

    s that music by “Zamphier” or something like that? It starts to “grow ” on ya:)

  2. ATLcameron

    Any time I try and germinate my seeds that I get from a bag of mid in a wet paper towl, they never germinate…

  3. chillor75

    Dear limbolimbo68, what kind of grow-medium do you use in this video for the seeds?
    greets from germany

  4. sokal91

    Cool Weed)) Interesting video. I always wanted to grow weed, but don’t know where i can get the seeds?

  5. comprehentionoflife

    dude that is insane for two weeks! could you please tell what specific lights you are using, how many and what hormone? because i have results like that after 4 weeks and it is pissing me off. maybe i just use a smaller plant, what is it you are growing? early finishers like AK 48 or nothern lights?
    nice “garden” btw 🙂

  6. limbolimbo68

    @tdog998 from the ana-b website

  7. tdog998

    How did u get the seeds

  8. LBC6893

    @JonnnyStorm why so u can make a shitty rap over it?

  9. ThePhantomX18

    Samuriguy904 the internet dumb ass, just order some online!

  10. samuriguy909

    one question, where do you buy cannabis seeds?

  11. limbolimbo68

    I can sent you a MP3 file if you like, put your e-mail to limbo68 AT live.nl

  12. psykool8

    @limbolimbo68 Thanks! that has made my week! such a chilled funny tune :0)

  13. limbolimbo68

    The tune is : “eigen huis en tuin” ( from a Netherlands TV show )

  14. psykool8

    yeh love to know what this tune is?

  15. HaywiredPoet

    @THE818PAYASO lol sounds so weird, 70’s ninja movie

  16. Devon187


  17. THE818PAYASO

    I wanna fuckin kill myself listeninnn to this shitttt!!!!!!!!

  18. JonnnyStorm

    what is this song?

  19. ShiZClan

    what a beatiful sight

  20. SuperFatboy30

    is that rockwool n what nutes is that.

  21. vekyhh

    man where do i get that root stimulator and what kind of potting soil are u using pls respond

  22. MrBallYarn

    what are those pot things you put them in

  23. FrankDank420hushmail

    I have Afghani x Kush seeds and Skunk #11
    semi-feminized at $7 per seed

    great quality, 95%germination, 70% females, a great grow starts with strong healthy seeds,

    to contact me search google, facebook or youtube for “Frank Dank 420”

    you can use the contact form on my website or you can email me at frankdank420 at hushmail.com

  24. happyokie

    i got 5 outa 36 with cannibisseeds beware of that website..they wont make it right with ya..and pretty much all the rest will make it right or have a hell of alot better odds of being a good seed….

  25. happyokie

    5 outa 36 at cannibisseeds. com…beware of these guys..and they wont make it right……..

  26. WoWcmb

    Lol so easy but very pricey :/ setups like those are a huge upkeep. So for you rookie growers that are watching this, don’t feel discouraged. Even with a little ghetto setup you can produce good buds. You just gotta stay on top of the maintenance. 🙂

  27. beachbumnn

    Are you using RO water?

  28. jokercvma

    What strand are you using for your indoor grow???

  29. OrangeCountyGrower

    You’re a YouTube Legend
    1040 from (2) 600’s
    I got 1110 from (4) 600’s
    You are truely an expert at the indoor grow

  30. NsnLover64

    whats the song

  31. malcolmglover140

    Awesome grow never seen someone veg so short I vegged my plants for 6 weeks after germ

  32. northweststunner

    can you tell me what size those round pots are in flower? how many gallons is each pot?

  33. The22Highflier

    What song is this? lol

  34. chrissup19

    How tall/big were your plants before they flowered and you dried them out for pruning and such???

  35. LetsBringIt

    Awsome to see the weed professor back in action.. hehe Peace’n much Love

  36. recepesek

    aid nederlandse wiet Ik ga binnenkort ook groeien Bedant voor die video:D

  37. poulsen1239

    after watering the plants with nutritions, how long time is it until you remove it again 10 min, 1hour ??? i dont know can sombody help my plz

  38. poulsen1239

    after watering the plants with nutritions, how long time is it until you remove it again 10 min, 1hour ??? i dont know can sombody help my plz

  39. vlahojohn

    i wish i had one of those… Respect for your skills..

  40. Chidbin

    @limbolimbo68 Really? 😮 i did not know this. 😀 so your saying if you water from below you dont have to flush and it wont have a sick taste to it?

  41. Steffmeister86

    nice grow room u have there. Im gonna make me one just like that. Once i find a house with not too many nosy neighbours 😛

  42. limbolimbo68

    You don’t need to flush if you water the plants from below the pots 🙂

  43. skunkmasta420

    do you actually need to flush the plants? or its not a must do?

  44. sleepdeprivation78

    Glad you’re back…always looking forward to watch a limbo vid…keeps it real.

  45. Hydroponics4Dummies

    Do sunspots affect solar electric systems?

  46. assman255

    was that medical beer i saw?LOL!!

  47. 0mrforce0

    @TheBreakingNewsGang if you do that in the last weeks, you’ll get more THC

  48. wtrinaldi1

    Limbo. great videos. What the name of the first song on here? and have you ever had trouble having seeds germinate?

  49. limbolimbo68

    Klaus Wunderlich – Tico-Tico

  50. CHINOxES13

    whats the name of the song from 9:00 to 12:13 ???

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