Aug 29

King Bubba Kush & Downtown OG Kush – Dispensary Pickup – Macro Shots

*SoCal Medical Marijuana – Legal Buds* Kings Kush x Bubba Kush and Downtown OG Kush Picked up local southern california dispensary You can order seeds and have them shipped to you anywhere here at www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk freepcfixdepot.com for free pc fix tools and tutorials. I heart medical buds


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  1. jonjinaful

    great vid!! you should do more of these 😀 i live in san diego but im so down to come to a dispensary in torrance

  2. Ruffles369

    ppl below me could talk ALL there smack. haha theyre either 1. never had potent as potent dank before 2. assholes who like sayin they get good weed for cheap 3. not even a medical patient. dude ill be honest 60/3.5 is booookin. but lookin at yer vid. damn id be happy to buy an 1/8th of either one theyre frossssssttyyy ass fuck.

  3. SynicalJerks

    i had some purp that smelled like ass and it wass soo danky!

  4. medicaljacket420

    “Smells like shit” haha i never bye shit dat smells like dat,, only dank herbs xD

  5. sleepdeprivation78

    @ChronicJiujitsu HAHA nice one! =)

  6. HeWhoWaitsInDarkness

    not bein a dick but did you film this w/ a microwave?

  7. yatesist

    man don’t ever do that bullshit u got to smoke some too!! Not just show and tell.

  8. loopy094

    dammmn. that shit looks fucking goood, mannn

  9. newdude32

    @TheAndrewDean cali has good weed too.

  10. dnice4732

    u blowed haha na but nice weed mane

  11. TacoEatter813

    @ChronicJiujitsu dam tru i need some over here in tampa lol der like dead over here

  12. DannyAshcroft

    Must suck to live in cali payin that much… I pay 90 for a half ounce and it’s great weed. BC is where it’s at.



  14. chefchristoper

    yes more of these!!!!!

  15. ChronicJiujitsu

    @TacoEatter813 cost has gone down. You will see “4 gram 8ths”, or “5 gram 8ths” for about 40-65 bux these days.. it just depends on what kind of herb you get

  16. TacoEatter813

    how much ya pay a eigth over der

  17. KingJointRolla1

    mannnnnn i am so annoyed i wanna smoke some awsome weed man tht will get me blazed out my skull :)) PUFF PUFF PASS

  18. TheAndrewDean

    Do More Vids!!!

  19. TheAndrewDean

    Dude WTF is that guy smoking?? Obviously some really shitty weed!!! Bc Only The Real Medical Marijuana Smells like that!! Great Vid!!
    P.s. I got some Kush that Smells The Same!

  20. jonjinaful

    Great vid!! You should do more of these 😀

  21. ChronicJiujitsu

    @TheSalty42 I think people are not understanding the sarcasm here, when I say it smells like “ass” meaning it smells like “skunk” because skunk smells like ass, but when it is related to weed, you know the skunk smell is da bomb shit

  22. TheSalty42

    hahahahaha dude my bud does not smell like ass.

  23. Rastafariruleiration

    if it smells like ass..i guaranty you its not kush

  24. jdirty3000

    good thing you got your marijuana card, you seem really sick.

  25. 120420

    Fuck all you dope dealers out there that are charging too much for Hydro! I’m growing my own from now on. $400 my ASS!

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