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Aug 31

Is our Education Complete Without Knowing About Marijuana Germination?

best marijuana
by patrix

Marijuana, like any other hallucinogen plant or substance is illegal in some countries. Of course, there are some parts of the world more civilized than others that have understood cannabis as a personal choice. Thus they’ve legalized it. Places like these are very appreciated by tourists because they get to try not necessarily illegal substances, but perhaps a whole new lifestyle in a place where pot is not an issue and they can make their own decisions. This is what education needs most – to let people assume responsibility for their acts. Letting them grow Dutch marijuana seeds and witness marijuana germination shouldn’t be a problem as long as they know their risks and they’re willing to take them.

Also called weed, cheeba cheeba, devil’s grass or pot, marijuana has had a lot of names throughout the years and it has been a much disputed subject. A lot of people talk about it without knowing anything about this plant, its growth process and the effort put into obtaining the best products from it. Few have paid interest in the details so many websites offer about Dutch marijuana seeds or about marijuana germination. Most only get to know one fact about it -that it’s good for smoking. But cannabis also has a medical purpose as it is used in treatments for serious diseases like glaucoma. Because of its curative powers, cannabis is not illegal if prescribed by a doctor in a certain drug. However, marijuana is mostly known for the hallucinations or state of well being it induces.

Growing marijuana is very tricky if you want to obtain high quality products. Cannabis can survive and develop in any conditions and in any kind of soil, but it won’t meet certain standards. As most people who are interested in this plant use it to sell it for treatments, they have to know certain details that allow the growth of quality cannabis. First of all, the seeds are of primary importance. Dutch marijuana seeds are the most recommended and, if one browses the Internet a little, he can find information as to why this is so. The Dutch marijuana seeds are known to be the best ones out there and they insure a high marijuana germination rate. After getting some Dutch marijuana seeds (and this shouldn’t be very difficult with a little research and an online order), careful plantation and close surveillance are necessary.


Marijuana germination of a considerable number of Dutch marijuana seeds is insured only by following strict rules as to how the plant should be looked after. The best place to germinate the Dutch marijuana seeds is in a sterile soil, vermiculite or hydroponic medium of rockwool. You will see the results, meaning the marijuana germination process, after just a week. Vermiculite is such a good medium because it can give the seeds a lot of oxygen. The seeds need to have water at all times and for expected results a nutrient solution is a great idea. The container the seeds are put into is very important also. It’s not recommended to transplant the seeds more than two times before the first harvest so you should put the Dutch marijuana seeds in the same pot you plan to grow the plant in. As one can notice after carefully examining only the instructions that have to be followed to witness the marijuana germination, a lot of hard work has to be put into growing cannabis.

Even after the marijuana germination period has ended and the plant has sprouted, one still has to take good care of it. The plant needs darkness during the marijuana germination period, so you can cover the soil where the Dutch marijuana seeds are with black paper to keep the light out. After the seeds have sprouted they will need light. A sun light or an UV lamp can be used because the small plant needs a lot of light. It’s best to keep them under a light source for eighteen hours a day.

Not knowing about the effort that has to be put into making the marijuana germination happen and not paying any interest in the difference between normal seeds and Dutch marijuana seeds is a major mistake. Education should involve all this information because a certain respect for the entire process would be induced to teenagers who only care about smoking. Knowing of the positive as well as the negative effects marijuana has on people would be a huge step in civilization. With this data and more, children would know the power such a plant has over the human body. They would learn to respect and sometimes fear the unknown and most importantly, they would learn responsibility for their actions is no one’s but their own.

Children should learn about the entire process to make marijuana germination happen and about the hard work put in. They should be instructed on the medical effects of treatments that include plants developed from Dutch marijuana seeds. Maybe later, they will wish to open a pharmacy that sells products based on cannabis. People would learn to hope for new discoveries made by these children in the future because someone told them, when they were easy to impress, how the marijuana germination should be handled and what seeds to use. You never know when knowledge takes a leap forward if education helps young minds to better comprehend positive aspects and hope to eliminate the negative ones.

Whether you plan on growing weed for medical or personal use, you should know that quality implies effort. You should get the best Dutch marijuana seeds and be very careful with the plant during the marijuana germination period. Find out more by following the links.

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May 07

best strain of marijuana clean your bong songs about marijuana

alturl.com Check out this link now if you want to learn more about growing weed or buy the best weed seeds available anywhere! This is where I go to buy all of my cannabis seeds 🙂 alturl.com best fertilizer for outdoor marijuana best hydro seeds best marijuana growing best marijuana strain…
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Nov 14

Bootcamp – What Does OG Mean? What About Planetary’s?

medicalmarijuanabootcamp.com Chubbs and Tang talk about the different medical marijuana strains.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A marijuana magazine milestone almost forty years in the making, HIGH TIMES proudly presents our 420th Issue! This special collector’s edition features an investigation into the historical roots of today’s top Kush strains, a behind the scenes look at our 1976 Bob Marley cover shoot, an interview with top pot rocker Melissa Etheridge, and a step-by-step guide to Kyle Kushman’s veganic growing method. Plus, our cultivation reporters tackle cloning, Danny Danko answers your most troubling garden questions, Pix of the Crop features photos from real readers like you, and a mind-blowing 420th centerfold that will melt your face! All in the all-new, 420th issue of HIGH TIMES… on sale now!
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Nov 06

question about medical marijuana strain?

Question by Rob: question about medical marijuana strain?
so im buyin some sour diesel for $ 50 and i was wondering if this is an indica strain or sativa. and if u could explain what smoking this strain is like.

Best answer:

Answer by Guy
I’m not exactly sure which strain it is, I believe it’s indica. Smoking it is nice, it hits pretty smooth and will get you a very nice high.

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Sep 19

Our Magazine Will Help You To Know More About Medical Marijuana And Its Clinics

Marijuana is prepared from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant, usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria. It swings one’s mood into happiness or relaxation. It is a strong-smelling plant, which dried leaves are used to prepare hallucinogenic drugs. It is a common and soft drugs used for smoke and chewing. Though Marijuana and medical marijuana are not recognized under federal law, the California state law recognizes medical marijuana. THE 420 TIMES, a monthly magazine, just provide you information ONLY of the list of clinics/physicians/patient groups. Any marijuana news related to medical marijuana and marijuana legalization is provided by us. But friends it should be remembered we does not recommend or verify the legitimacy or the activities of clinics/physicians/patient groups listed herein or even endorse any clubs, compassionate centers, mail order facilities, etc. It is your own risk to involve yourself with their activities or to get any service of them.

The 420 Times is a monthly magazine, provides you useful information about medical marijuana for patients, caregivers and physicians distributed throughout Los Angeles County from Thousand Oaks to Long Beach and up to Lancaster and Santa Clarita. We warmly welcome our readers to enjoy it. We have made many successful milestones to provide the best. In the year 2010, we touched 100,000 marks from 2.1 million and it would have been possible by the support, the loyalty and input from our fantastic readers. We will explain some steps to help patients in their search for the right strains of cannabis, but be sure you check with your doctor or dispensary about the best strain for you, and do not be afraid to try a few strains to see what works. About marijuana legalization the Rand Corporation has estimated that the number of marijuana users would double if the drug were to be legalized, many are wondering what the impact will be on the health of Californians.

Los Angeles Marijuana, a medical marijuana dispensary was aired and there has not been overwhelming objection to the advertisement. A number of 169 dispensaries applied to stay open after the issuing of a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. But according to the new law the city clerk determined that only 41 are qualified to stay open. Our group is involved to legalize weed. There are so many, and they all seem to have different philosophies on how to legalize marijuana. Los Angeles Cannabis, a conference is being held on Saturday, March 19th to discuss where the cannabis law reform movement goes from here. It is very complicated to say that why human consume marijuana. At our site there is much coverage with images, video of marijuana news.

Dr. Shaheen Lakhan, executive director of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation, has shown that marijuana can help relieve multiple sclerosis patients of the muscle spasms caused by their condition. A new study has found that marijuana use can potentially help bipolar patients, can potentially help people dealing with cancer. There are many ongoing researches on marijuana and every type of marijuana news is available in Los Angeles and Ventura County monthly for free. Just make a subscription to us. If you are an outsider of the area and wish to have the magazine it will be delivered via the US Mail to your home. To subscribe, please click the Buy Now button and use your PayPal or credit card for payment.

The 420 Times is a well known monthly marijuana magazine covers marijuana news about medical marijuana for patients, caregivers and physicians, clinics or dispensaries. There are lot of debates and support on marijuana legalization , we provide useful information on medical marijuana and some listed groups or clubs. Now it depends on how you will handle our provided information.

Aug 02

Counselors And Other Professionals Learn About Fake Pot Dangers

Counselors And Other Professionals Learn About Fake Pot Dangers
Federal and state bans are in place but there are hunreds of strains of these research chemicals or RC's designed to look like marijuana. Lord says "people have actually died using these things and there's not a name and a face to put on it in NC yet
Read more on FOX Charlotte

Apr 24

can anyone give me all facts about growing cannabis as well as info on strains/making your own?

Question by THCMASTERKUSH: can anyone give me all facts about growing cannabis as well as info on strains/making your own?
if anyone says its illegal fuck off i know it is im not gonna grow i just don’t want to feel like an idiot when i watch documentaries or am with medicinal users who ask about strains and making there own so don’t report assholes, this is not really info for me the person hate pcs and i wish to write this down shes a really nice lady

Best answer:

Answer by Raymond J
Here is a complete strain guide:


What do you think? Answer below!

Nov 02

11 Myths About Marijuana


No, actually, Cannabis is just a plant. Even Marijuana (MJ), is just a flower that is produced by the plant. I know it’s a funny looking flower, but that’s all it really is. The plant and/or flower itself is not a drug. It is the way that people choose to use the flowers that makes it a control substance that the world considers a drug. If you were to use Industrial Hemp (HI) to make clothing, would those clothes be considered drugs? The flowers produce seeds that are often used in making a nutritional hemp seed milk, is that a drug? No way!

Cannabis is NOT a drug. Certain parts of the plant can be used to make medications and drugs, but the plant itself cannot be called a drug. It’s just a plant.


Quite a few persons these days are under the assumption that because older generations still refer to MJ as “Hemp”, that it makes IH and MJ the same plant. Most of these individuals come from three main categories; Those who could care less, those who want to confuse you (the government) and the confused/misinformed.

Saying that the IH plant (cannabis sativa indica) and the MJ producing plant (cannabis sativa sativa) are the same plant, is like saying that a Douglas Fir tree and a Cedar tree are the same plant because they are both evergreens and both grow in similar conditions. They are two very different plants, that look different, smell different and have different uses. I mean, how often to do you see a person with a cedar Christmas tree?

IH cannabis and MJ producing cannabis are the same in the sense that they both come from the Cannabis genus, they are both green and they both grow in similar environmental conditions, the rest is completely different. They look different, smell different, grow different and are used as separate resources. IH has little to no THC at all, but holds way more health values. MJ producing plants are not as easily used to create clothing, are shorter with wider leaves and are better pain killers.

Those who claim that IH plants and MJ plants are the same are either misinformed, they don’t care about the difference or they want you to believe it is too difficult to tell the difference so they can continue to keep it illegal.


No, actually, smoking anything is bad for the lungs. Though it is the Smoke itself, not the MJ that is harmful in this situation. Any form of inhaled smoked is bad for the lungs, they aren’t built to handle a lot of it and by smoking anything you are irritating your lungs.

Another way that smoking MJ can become harmful is through what I call PTD’s (Paraphenalia Transmitted Diseases).  Did you know that by sharing a pipe, bong or other mouth accessory for smoking MJ, that you can catch contagious diseases that are normally only passed on through direct contact with a person? Mono, pink eye and herpes are just a few things you could catch from a strangers piece. They also make you more susceptible to more common contagious diseases like colds, tuberculosis or influenza.

Thankfully, most PTD’s are as easily prevent as STD’s with some simple provolactics. In this case though, it isn’t a condom that will help you become 99.9% safe against offending bacteria and diseases from paraphernalia, it’s something as simple as a small alcohol pad that takes up the same amount of space in your pocket as a condom. Learning to carry an alcohol pad and to start wiping off your mouth pieces before and after you use them with friends or especially those you do not know very well, can save your health.

Of course, abstinence is always best if you can help it. Not sharing utensils with others is the best way protect yourself all together. This is often another reason that many cannabis advocates prefer cookies or brownies to smoking, as it completely cuts out the risk from PTD’s. Just remember, it’s not the MJ that causes the harm here, it’s your abundance or lack of common sense. =)


I think many people confuse the terms “addictive” and “habit forming” as the same thing, when really, they are separate. Addictive substances are those which cause chemical reactions in our physiological bodies that causes them to want to continue using certain substances and creates an addiction.

A habit is something that we psychologically get into, usually because we like doing something. Often, an addiction can often ride along next to a formed habit, but a habit does not always go along with an addiction. MJ is definitely habit forming. Even if that habit is only once in a blue moon, it still becomes a habit. Not for any strange chemical reason, but simply because MJ is a pleasant plant to utilize.


Recent studies in Canada have shown that when Cannabis was legalized, only a slight increase in the amount of users came about, and quickly after that, the rates actually dropped below the long time average of users. What’s more, the rate of drinking and driving dropped tremendously without increasing those who drive under the influence of MJ.

Having the irrational fear that legalizing any drugs or currently illegal substances would lead to an uncontrollable population of drug addicts, is simply a fear installed by the government propagandist to keep otherwise logical persons from seeing the truth. I mean, look at alcohol. It is legal and only between 8 to 10% of our society are Alcoholics by medical terms.


MJ is no more a gateway drug than Milk or Coffee, and especially Cigarettes. As a teenager, the first thing I had ever experimented with was alcohol, followed by cigarettes. Before that, the only drugs I had had were caffeine and milk, both very addictive and yet not illegal for children to have. After I was 15, I tried MJ and in truth, the only that lead to was a fascination for Mycology and the study of Cannabis.

In fact, it wasn’t cannabis use that later took me farther into the world of drugs and experimenting. In fact, it was SCHOOL, CIGARETTES and DOCTORS that did that. You weren’t considered cool enough to hang out with teens or adults that had other drugs, unless you smoked cigarettes. You could smoke all the pot you wanted, that didn’t get you to the “in crowd”. It’s alcohol and cigarettes that got you into the in crowds and brought on more situations involving drugs.

Even as an adult, I find it rare to find an MJ provider that deals in other deeds. Though you might occasional run into a drug dealer that has some MJ for sale, it is usual not purchased from them for low quality, inadequate storage and the change of getting something laced.

The only thing Cannabis a gateway to, is other realms of awareness, creativity and health.


This is a myth brought on by the Refer Madness generation, who were made to believe that smoking cannabis caused psychosis, made people beat their children or somehow turned you into a violent psychopath. This myth is one of the funniest and couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In reality, cannabis doesn’t make you do anything out of what you would normally do. Unlike alcohol or other drugs, MJ only amplifies your current psychological situation, it doesn’t modify it.


Have you ever been to Seattle Hempfest? Or maybe you have checked out some of the world famous Cannabis cups? These are GREAT examples of the insinuative and hard work put together completely by MJ users. In fact, there are many scientists around the world who have also proved that cannabis doesn’t make a person stupid either.

The truth is that MJ won’t make you lazy, but because it amplifies the way you are anyways, if you have a tendency to be lazy already, MJ will amplify that. However, laziness can sometimes be a very good motivation for innovation, as many of the worlds laziest people have come of with some of the worlds greatest inventions. Can you say “car” or “telephone”?


Not all that would like to see MJ legalized, care about IH being legalized, and not all those who push for IH legalization agree that MJ should be legalized. They may come from the same plant genus, but they are two separate subjects. There are plenty of persons under the belief that legalizing IH is just about getting closer to MJ legalization, but this just isn’t true.

Those who want MJ legalized, are either medicinal users, recreational users or advocates of ending the drug war and the taxes they have to pay on it. Those who would like to see IH legalized, would like to save the economy, get rid of BIG OIL and BIG PHARMA. There are many people that would like to see IH and MJ legalized, as all of Cannabis should be legal anyways, but they understand the differences and vote for them for those separate reasons. Just because IH might be legalized, does not mean that MJ would be directly legalized, though legalized MJ would most probably give clear rein to IH.


Yes and No. Cannabis can help to save the economy. It cannot do it all by itself. Cannabis can help give alternative ideas for businesses, bring about creative economic growth and start to degrade the use the of petroleum, medical insurance and pharmaceuticals. It can bring green fuels, better farming practices, new industries and it’s a plant that anyone can grow, just about anywhere.


Actually, the use of MJ by pregnant women is an ancient practice. It was even included in the pharmacopedia for a very long time, until 1936. Cannabis provides a safe alternative to moderating blood pressure, nausea, appetite, cramps, labor pains and fatigue. It’s side effects are low to the mom, and non existent to the unborn child. Much safer than many of the drugs they often prescribe to pregnant women, that are clearly labeled with side effects such as miscarriage, still birth, birth defects and/or life long disorders for the soon to be mother.

As of yet, there are very few Obgyn’s or doctors who will tell a pregnant mother that using Cannabis is bad for her or for baby, though they will suggest that you eat instead of smoke your cannabis, to prevent harming your lungs. In most cases, they look the other way and the worst side effect a pregnant mother will have to deal with, is the governments attempt to seduce you through sending a counselor or social worker to talk to you when your baby is born. So long as you are honest with your doctor about your cannabis use and you are not using other substances, there is nothing wrong with a pregnant woman choosing a safer alternative to help her get through the pains of gestation.

Written by TheGreatInspirer
Inspiring people since 1986…

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Sep 09

Can you find a professional journal about medical marijuana or marijuana legalization?

Question by Chelsie: Can you find a professional journal about medical marijuana or marijuana legalization?
I am writing a 6-10 page argumentative paper about why marijuana should be legalized. One of my sources has to be a professional journal. Please please help! I can’t find one anywhere! Any sources would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 🙂
*online professional journals 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by The Now Mrs. H
Harvard Health Medical Journal, New England Medical Journal

Try Norml.org it should have sources too!

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Sep 06

Q&A: I’m about to order some “Legal Buds” how long will it take for them to get to my house?

Question by Rocky B: I’m about to order some “Legal Buds” how long will it take for them to get to my house?
Please don’t answer if you have never ordered any legal buds or smoking spices.

Best answer:

Answer by Jade Orchid
It depends on the company you are ordering from. If you are ordering from a website then check their order or shipping page. It should have a list or chart of how fast your product will get to you based on what shipping service you use. Most ground standard shipping takes around 5-9 days.

Give your answer to this question below!

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