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Aug 01

What is the best medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado?

Question by CO Patient: What is the best medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado?
What is the best dispensary in Colorado? I love Herban Wellness, probably my favorite…
Any input?

Best answer:

Answer by Exec Pot head
But you just asked about how to get a card.
You just got help to chose a dispensary and directing you to the best.
If you needed advice on where to go for a card then it is illegal to be in this dispensary.
Looking for a card and having a favorite dispensary makes no sense to me.
OH – unless your trying to drum up business.

Places to do that would be 420magazine or weedmaps.

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May 12

When Will The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Wars Begin?

When Will The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Wars Begin?

The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Wars are right around the corner. What will it take for an all out Dispensary War to happen? Three things must occur to really heat things up. The majority of the States must enact Medical Marijuana/decriminalization statues, individual Dispensaries must have a client fall off, and when a Dispensary drops a major V.I.P. strain. Let’s take a look at the first hurdle.

There are only 14-16 States with a Medical Marijuana green light, so that’s not a lot of competition. This November will be critical, especially in California, a pioneer in Cannabis legislation. As Cali goes, so does the rest of the nation. Proposition 19 (Yes), will usher in recreational use, taxed pot, and the comfort zone of Medical Marijuana for all of America.

Out the gate, Dispensaries will be (are) a novelty. Selecting medicinal herb off of a menu, will eventually wear off. On top of that, clients with cards may opt to grow their own Marijuana, to shave a few dollars from their budgets. American homegrown, especially California, is primo herb. Now if a few people- say 5, get together as a co-op, then cultivate 40 mature female Sativas at say conservatively 1.5 pounds per plant, well- that’s serious bud. Not only is that a great cooperative effort, the Dispensary starts to pale, unless they go to great lengths (prices?) to combat co-ops or other Dispensaries.

Finally, all Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, serious Pot Farmers, and underground Botanists, have a V.I.P. strain up their sleeves. Just like bars charge extra for top shelf alcohol, Major Dispensaries will have a V.I.P. strain like Cali9, to woo clients into their business. Everyone has access to Haze, Widow, Jack, Purple, etc., but when you can hang an exclusive sign outside of your establishment, then that’s when the “Dispensary Wars” begin. Dang, I can’t wait!

Joyce embraces the “Cannabis Culture” at Cali9.com

email cali9crew@cali9.com

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Apr 08

The Best Sacramento Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Finding the most sought after dispensary would help cannabis patient’s life much easier. If you feel like you don’t get the medical treatment you wanted through natural medication, then getting medical cannabis products would be an option but you have to find the most credible dispensary before buying cannabis products for medical purposes.

There are lots of dispensaries to choose from around the Sacramento region, but be very careful in choosing a dispensary because there are also lots of fly by night medical cannabis center operating in the whole county. You can check online to look for dispensaries that could match your lifestyle and medical needs.

You can also ask friends about legal establishments that are selling Below are some ways you can do to find the most sought after dispensaries in the region. Just check them out;

A. Go online – Dispensaries have website and through it, you can check their exact location and when you have done it, you may start purchasing their products for your medical needs.

B. Survey your area or location – You can actually roam the whole of Sacramento and ask people who may know about medical dispensaries and dispensary products. Most of the time, these kinds of establishments can be found outside of residential areas. This happens because the use of medical cannabis as an alternative aren’t fully legalize in Sacramento and in the whole of California. Cannabis dispensaries are usually located in any commercial areas, this is under the provision by the state department that was implemented few years ago.

C. Ask your local caregivers about dispensaries – You may know cannabis caregivers who might working for a dispensary in your area. Might as well ask them about their dispensary if it is credible or not. Background check their dispensaries and if you have done it, go and completer you medical cannabis documents and start purchasing cannabis products for your medical needs.
D. Check out your local dailies and magazines about dispensaries near your – Local dailies can be a good source too of cannabis dispensaries. These establishments sometimes advertise what they offer through these kinds of medium. Aside from being cheap, dailies and newspapers just accept credible advertisements so you can really be sure that the ads that can be found on those mediums are really reliable. 

E. Ask friends, members of the family and relatives – Lastly, your loved ones know best. So don’t get shy to seek advices and help from them. I’m sure one of them might have sought treatment from cannabis dispensaries.

El Camino Wellness Center provides great Sacramento Medical Marijuana Products. To get updates about Sacramento Medical Marijuana products, you may visit us at www.ELCaminoWellnessCenter.com! Visit us now!

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Dec 24

Medical marijuana dispensary review: The Wellness Shop in Denver

Medical marijuana dispensary review: The Wellness Shop in Denver
But a massive grow was clearly located somewhere in the building, because the smell of organic material and blended cannabis strains wafted through the place. It's amazing what pseudo-legality can do. Just a few years ago, this was the type of smell
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Dec 18

Capital Idea! Marijuana Dispensary Is Worth the Trip to Olympia

Capital Idea! Marijuana Dispensary Is Worth the Trip to Olympia
"A" strains, $ 9 for "AA," and $ 10 for top-shelf "AAA" varieties. Such attractive pricing means that driving from Tacoma or even Seattle suddenly looks a lot better, since many shops in those cities don't mind charging you $ 15 for their best weed.
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The Benefits of Being Promiscuous
The inbred females are apparently able to weed out sperm from kin that would lead to less fit offspring. If they mate with just one male, however, they don't have that option. The researchers also examined whether promiscuity could evolve in inbred
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New company sees broad benefits to milling
That niche could grow with new strains of club wheat developed by USDA ARS geneticist Kim Campbell, she said. New varieties will increase per-acre yields and be suitable for lower elevations and higher rainfall so more club wheat can be grown,
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Nov 14

Medical marijuana dispensary review: Top Shelf Alternatives in Boulder

Medical marijuana dispensary review: Top Shelf Alternatives in Boulder
My first take confirmed my initial impression: strains and pricing scribbled on a white board behind the counter, slightly stoned employees behind the counter and jar after jar of leafy weed. There was an older guy ahead of me in line taking up every
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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Back to Boulder for Boulder MMC
Spending $ 70 for a half-week's medicine might be okay on the college trust-fund budget, but not for tight-belted weed critics. The shop does have lower price levels, too, though, and some strains, like the Dutch Treat Haze, could be found on more than
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Oct 28

Venom OG Kush Strain Review – SDOWA Medical Marijuana Dispensary San Diego

sandiegoorganicwellnessassociation.org #2 Venom OG Kush – SDOWA STRAIN REVIEWS – Click like on this video for Kush Magazine’s Featured Bud of the Month! SDOWA is now providing strain reviews to enhance our patients’ knowledge of medical marijuana, specifically each strain that we will…

Oct 02

Medical marijuana dispensary review: RiverRock Wellness in Denver

Medical marijuana dispensary review: RiverRock Wellness in Denver
Beautiful light birch wood and glass custom cabinets separate the budtenders from the customers, with jars divided between indica and sativa dominant strains. The walls were left intentionally bare, save a few cartoonish whimsical sketches and
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Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations Moves to New San Francisco
Greenway's San Francisco medical marijuana doctors believe in providing a compassionate, non-judgmental and detailed evaluation of each patient's medical problem, then formulate an individualized treatment plan which incorporates the different strains
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RIC LLEWELLYN: Marijuana advocates always pushing for more
Yet medical marijuana users remain legally empowered to grow marijuana for their own medicinal needs. Authorized medical marijuana users have total control over the supply chain. Choose the strain, control the cultivation, optimize harvesting and
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Sep 08

After dispensary ruling, Lansing could see new business teaching patients to

After dispensary ruling, Lansing could see new business teaching patients to
The "Walmart of Weed" could be headed to Lansing, giving medical marijuana patients another option when it comes to procuring their medicine: growing it on their own. But those worries ignored the solution California-based company weGrow has offered in
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Feature: The Life Of Steve Jobs, So Far
Paul moved with the family to Palo Alto, to handle the greater number of car repossessions that went with the greater of number of loans in the fast growing area known as Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs discovers marijuana. (Note: That there is what we call
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Timeline: A look back in history at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre
Mishawaka owner Robin Jones was charged with growing and distributing marijuana from the venue, he soon put the venue up for sale. Dani Grant, the owner of Chipper's Lanes and a local arts and culture booster, bought the storied Mishawaka amphitheater
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Aug 29

King Bubba Kush & Downtown OG Kush – Dispensary Pickup – Macro Shots

*SoCal Medical Marijuana – Legal Buds* Kings Kush x Bubba Kush and Downtown OG Kush Picked up local southern california dispensary You can order seeds and have them shipped to you anywhere here at www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk freepcfixdepot.com for free pc fix tools and tutorials. I heart medical buds

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