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Aug 11

Medical Marijuana ? Debunking the Myths

If you’ve ever done much research on the subject of medical marijuana, there is a fair chance that you found large numbers of articles that flatly contradict each other. That’s probably attributable to the various vested interest and pressure groups that sponsor the articles concerned. It probably also has to be admitted that facts are in short supply whilst opinions are available in excess.

Here though, we will be trying to examine some apparently widely held views relating to medical marijuana, which appear to be, at best, illogical. Do please keep in mind while reading it, that it is personal opinion and not qualified medical, legal or scientific advice.

That just cannot be right. There are vast numbers of stories, studies and shared personal experiences, coming from people that have used marijuana for legitimate symptom relief purposes. It is patently absurd to suggest that all these people (including many well-known celebrities) are simply recreational users that are either lying or deluding themselves as to their true motivation. These are ordinary, sincere and professional people leading entirely normal lives – apart from the fact they have been afflicted by an illness of some sort. Unless one believes that the individuals concerned have deliberately sought to make themselves ill simply in order to justify the use of marijuana, this fact should seriously question the above myth.

No doubt there are some individuals who have sought recreational access to marijuana by attempting to justify its use for medical purposes, but commonsense tells us that this cannot be the case for all users.


No, that’s not strictly accurate. Several states now have legislation on the books that permits the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Some may have legislation pending which has not yet been approved, and others may turn a blind eye to its use in certain circumstances. Under Federal Law it remains an illegal substance even if you are using it for medical purposes. Before making assumptions about the position where you live, it would be highly advisable to take legal advice.

No, it is not. Some countries of the European Union (notably Holland) have legislation that may permit very small quantities to be used for private or medical use. For the most part, however, it remains illegal, even if many individual countries choose not to enforce their own laws on the subject.

Virtually any substance taken in large quantities may cause severe medical problems. That applies to something even as ordinary as water consumption. If marijuana is abused it may cause numerous undesired side effects. If used for the purposes of analgesia or symptom relief, it is highly advisable to ensure that this is done under medical supervision and assistance, although in some legal jurisdictions, physicians and other health professionals may render themselves liable for prosecution if they do so.

This is a very tricky one to deal with. At present time the Federal Drug Administration’s position remains that there is no clinical evidence that marijuana is of any benefit whatsoever in terms of various forms of symptom relief or analgesia. This position is also adopted by a number of other national health authorities around the world.

It is true, however, that many individual medical practitioners do believe that marijuana has a place in their portfolio of treatments (if their laws allow them to do so), and they claim to have seen significant results. Other medical experts accept that marijuana may provide some beneficial effects for certain conditions, but believe that its use may be outweighed by undesired side effects. This remains a controversial subject. In the end, it may be a question of the opinion of an individual medical expert.

Perhaps more worryingly, whilst the law appears to be confused, or even punitive, with regard to medical marijuana, it may prove difficult to conduct sufficient large-scale controlled studies so as to reach a conclusion (one way or another) that everyone could accept.

Andrew Bartlett is the Managing Director of The Seed Dispensary which specializes in providing over 1,500 strains of high quality medical marijuana with a quick, confidential delivery service and order-tracking system. Our website offers information on medical marijuana cards, compassion clubs and other related issues.

Andrew Bartlett is the Managing Director of The Seed Dispensary which specializes in providing over 1,500 strains of high quality medical marijuana with a quick, confidential delivery service and order-tracking system. Our website offers information on medical marijuana cards, compassion clubs and other related issues.

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Aug 07

CFL Closet Grow: Medical Marijuana

Small closet grow. Under four T8 34 watt 6500k fluorescent tubes equal to 1000 watts for the vegetative stage. Under five 68 watt 2700k CFL’s equal to 1500 watts for flowering stage (4th week). This is a LEGAL GROW under California Prop 215, Senate Bill 420 and Health & Safety Code 11362.5, 11362.7, et seq. Strains shown vegging: Fire OG, Raskals OG, Tahoe OG, OG Kush (Hell’s Angel’s cut), LA Confidential, Chem 91 and Sour Diesel. Strains shown flowering (4th week): Fire OG and Chem 91
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Aug 01

What is the best medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado?

Question by CO Patient: What is the best medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado?
What is the best dispensary in Colorado? I love Herban Wellness, probably my favorite…
Any input?

Best answer:

Answer by Exec Pot head
But you just asked about how to get a card.
You just got help to chose a dispensary and directing you to the best.
If you needed advice on where to go for a card then it is illegal to be in this dispensary.
Looking for a card and having a favorite dispensary makes no sense to me.
OH – unless your trying to drum up business.

Places to do that would be 420magazine or weedmaps.

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Jul 30

Medical Marijuana Basics

Matty Kush explains the basic terms hosts will use throughout the SativAcademy episodes, including definitions of the plant, the strains and how they affect patients, the plant’s products such as THC, and other terms used in the world of medical marijuana, such as terms describing key propositions, dispensaries, growing, and means of ingestion. Refer to this episode whenever you have questions. SativAcademy Episode 2

Jul 26

please help me medical marijuana growing outside 10 points?

Question by Z M: please help me medical marijuana growing outside 10 points?
i have medical marijuana and i need to no how to grow outside i live in oregon i have outdoor seed strain please help me give me some pointers i no i need to start them inside in February and plant them in march where do i plant them help me please give me all i need to no

Best answer:

Answer by Kev
You do realize that regardless of state law, growing marijuana is illegal according to federal law and that law supercedes state law. the Supreme Court has even ruled on this.

What do you think? Answer below!

Jul 02

i got prescribed to a larger dose of medical marijuana than i thought i needed?

Question by em.: i got prescribed to a larger dose of medical marijuana than i thought i needed?
In Feb. I broke three bones in my spine, and crushed four disk. I live in sac. cali. and today my doctor asked how i felt about medical marijuana. (i smoke, everyday) of course i was excited, so i told him basically i wanted it. he gave me a strain of marijuana that was 45% thc (?) and my dosage is 1.86 grams a day. is that normal? my moms friend gets waaay less and she has muscular dystrophy.
i’m not complaining i wanted to know if that was normal. and it bothers me that someone with a disease worse than broken bones doesn’t get a much help as i do.. oh well though, shit smells bomb.
the highest thc is in sac. is 52 apparently. my doctor is really weird though. i’m lost right now

Best answer:

Answer by Mike
Your Dr. hooked you up pretty well. I’m not familiar with thc levels, but I’m sure if it’s from a dispensary then it is pretty damn good. A half 1/8 a day is alright. More than I would ever smoke, but then again you’re the one suffering from broken bones and pain.

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May 29

medical marijuana outdoor grow ep.5

strains- ch9 herijuana jack 33- herijuana x jack 33 (week 7 in flower) ch9 uzbekistan- uzbekistan x herijuana x herijuana jack 33 (week 5 in flower) ch9 quicker- herijuana x herijuana jack 33 x sensi star (week 5 in flower) i am in compliant with california health and safety code section s 11362.5, senate bill 420 and prop 215. THIS MEDICINE IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY

Apr 25

2010 outdoor medical grow

a mix of numerous strains. soundtrack- Speechless artist: Neil Rambaldi

Apr 23

CCTV#19 Washington Medical Marijuana & Orange Kush

If there are Medical Marijuana states that dont help give safe access to patients – are there really 16 ‘Medical Marijuana’ states…not in the way the wider figure suggests. Smoking on some Orange Kush thanks to a very kind new buddy that will soon be seen out in Sedro-Woolley sporting the Cure Lion on his chest cause he just couldn’t resist it!CURE SHIRTS – + shipping (another for UK – altogether or 18.40GBPounds) only at www.HandMadeApparel.biz – Help support CannabisCureTV keep going! To keep up to date with the rest of my travels and ganja experience please visit www.CannabisCure.co.uk and subscribe to The Cannabis Cure UK Weekly News Podcast. Each week I’ll be covering UK Cannabis stories and Activism, I’ll have more guests on talking about strains, preparations, the history of cannabis, and you’ll also get to meet some of most important movers and shakers in the cannabis community from across the world! Tweet me: @CannabisCureUK www.twitter.com/CannabisCureUK Facebook: Cure Ukay www.facebook.com/CureUkay Podomatic: The Cannabis Cure UK Weekly News Podcast www.CureUK.podomatic.com Join Clear – Cannabis Law Reform www.Clear-UK.org & www.facbook.com/ClearUK Thanks for watching Enjoy Peace!

Apr 21

California Medical Marijuana Card: Eight Helpful Questions & Answers To Help You Decide

Many people who are suffering from chronic and often debilitating symptoms find that prescription drugs are riddled with undesirable side effects, or are habit forming and even addictive (as is seen with painkillers and muscle relaxers). This is one of the primary reasons why you can get a medical marijuana card CA these days—to allow you to use alternative and natural medicine to treat your symptoms. Of course, medicinal cannabis may not be for all people, even if they are suffering. If you have ever had any questions regarding these cards or medical marijuana, this article should get you up to date in a jiffy.

The state of California fully protects patients who are abiding by its medical marijuana laws. Valid card holders will not be arrested for possessing, using, growing, buying or transporting medicinal marijuana.

It’s the best way to keep track of this program, regulate it and to prevent abuse and fraud. Since the state manages the program, the cards are IDs that allow for it to know how many people are in the program, and also a way for law enforcement to verify that a person is legally approved to use cannabis as medicine.


You have to see a doctor and be examined for your medical conditions. If the doctor thinks that cannabis may help you, they will write you a recommendation for marijuana. You submit that to the state and they will issue you card.

Federally marijuana is illegal, but it is allowed for patients who are doctor approved. In this state, these cards are in full abidance of the medical marijuana laws and are legal.

The only way to know if you qualify is by seeing a California marijuana doctor today and being examined. More than 100 different medical conditions are covered in this state for treatment using cannabis.

The cards are issued and are valid for 12 months. They must be renewed each year to remain valid.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issues the cards and regulates and manages the medical marijuana program.

You can buy marijuana from dispensaries, or join compassion clubs. You can also enjoy legal protection from prosecution and you are immune to discrimination as well.

The caring and knowledgeable physicians at Cannabis Doctors Network are here to help you get the natural relief that you need today. Our simple and easy four step evaluation process can help determine if medical marijuana is a viable natural treatment option for you! We provide friendly customer care representatives that will guide you through every step of the way in legally qualifying for and obtaining a medical marijuana card CA. We strongly believe that every person has the RIGHT to choose alternative medicine. Let us help you get the relief that you need today! Apply Online Now and See if You Qualify!

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