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Sep 16

Marijuana question, recreational use: what kind of high does purple kush give you? Be specific!?

Question by ??øv??: Marijuana question, recreational use: what kind of high does purple kush give you? Be specific!?
I have done many different medical marijuana strains but I am having trouble remembering the high purple kush gave me. It’s been a while. Anyway, I’d like to know because I’m buying $ 60 worth on friday..about 3.5 grams..all to myself, so just need my memory refreshed! I only smoke a few times a year..so that is why. Anyway, thanks in advance for any helpful answers.

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Answer by redrover
purple kush…is a high that is well…cigs are fantastic i chain smoke like a bitch…food is heavenly literally every bite is orgasmic…everything gets soft really just perfect to the touch…everything becomes great…you tend to forget about the struggles of life and just relax. however…talking is weird your voice sounds loud but everyone sounds the same…remembering is difficult there’s a term for it but i forget it…walking is a new adventure…its great…and since you don’t smoke often it will PHUCK you up…have fun

(dont smoke it all or well bad things can and probably will happen. i wont go in to detail, don’t wanna get ya all paranoid…so just relax smoke a joint or half one and chill)

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Dec 14

how to grow pot grow purple haze growing pot indoors

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Sep 15

San Diego Weed Review #4 : Skywalker OG & Purple Princess

In this episode I will explain the health benefits of using a vaporizer. My little homemade test proves it. But people still smoke from the bong because I think there are more cannabinoids released at a higher temp. I am not sure, so don’t listen to me, but thats what I hear. Also I am starting to grow my own medicine in order to save me a lot of money. I will document everything I do in order to educate other patients. Purple Princess – Dense nugs with a touch of purple. Nice frost to it but doesn’t hit as hard and the other meds I had. Lasts for about an hour so its at least a 4 star urb. Skywalker OG – I can’t comment on this strain until I get a new batch. But from when I smoked it in the bong, it had an expanding feeling. When I get a fresh batch I will re-review it. It is very stinky. I plan on heading out Sunday to get more good strains, I would like to goto Nuggetry and try out at least 3 of thier 619 strains. The ones I am looking at are 619 Green Crack, 619 Nuggetry OG, and some of thier Chuckle I keep hearing about. If I am lucky, I will get more 619 strains to review. Might have to make it a 2 part episode. Thanks for watching and in the next episode I will show different styles of storage I use in order to keep the urbs fresh.
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Jun 29

Why are some strains of marijuana purple or other colors?

Question by Matt: Why are some strains of marijuana purple or other colors?

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Answer by The One
That’s what the song Purple Haze is about.

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Jan 09

The Medicinal Marijuana Strain ?Granddaddy Purple’ and Pain Management

Granddaddy Purps, or Granddaddy Purple (Purple Cannabis Strain), is the mass produced strain that is a cross of Purple Urkel and Big Bud. This plant contains tight internodes and dark green to purple leaves. For patients who suffer from a health condition where there is a lot of pain, Granddaddy Purple is a strong analgesic that immediately affects the body. There have been many studies that have shown that that cannabinoids (found in marijuana) helps reduce pain and other stressful symptoms.

Granddaddy Purple’s grape tinge color is reflective of its sweet grape taste that is not long lasting. The effects of Granddaddy Purple is long lasting, but not overpowering when taken in the correct dose. This marijuana strain provides tremendous body pain relief and can help alleviate chronic pain and inflammation. It is quite a potent strain so it is recommended that one use this strain in the late evening or if someone is afflicted with chronic pain and requires a daytime nap. It is important to watch the dosage when taking Granddaddy purple to prevent falling asleep. Medicinally, this marijuana variety has been given to cancer / chemotherapy patients for pain and nausea relief. The effects of this medicinal drug are quite long lasting. It also provides more energy than a typical indica strain.

Because of its pure ‘indica’ heritage, Granddaddy purple is predisposed to have a short bushy stature and it branches extensively. This medicinal marijuana plant can be grown indoors in soil or hydro and it is very hardy grower.  As well, this plant can yield between 0.5 and 3.5 ounces each. If grown outdoors, it can yield between 8 ounces and 5 pounds.

The effect of Granddaddy Purple is a calm and light sensation. It is beneficial for people with pain because it does not make people feel numb as it is not as heavy as other marijuana strains. It will make the pain diminish so it is good for a variety of conditions that have accompanying pain such as neurogenic pain, migraines, Fibromyalgia, cancer treatment, severe arthritis, AIDS…etc. It has also been used for such conditions as: body tension relief, sleep aid, mood elevation, appetite stimulation for people suffering from eating disorders, anti-anxiety, general mental and physical relaxation, and anti-depression. As well, it is a numbing strain that eliminates lower back pain and achy limbs.  Although you are very relaxed after you use it, you are still quite clear headed. Grand Daddy Purple is a highly recommended medical marijuana strain for pain.

Marijuana (cannabis) is the most widely used illegal drug in many developed countries. Medical studies have shown that marijuana has medicinal properties that alleviate a wide number of medical conditions. Granddaddy Purple is one marijuana strain out of thousands of strains that has been shown to be effective in alleviating pain.

Brian writes about alternative medicine such as medicinal marijuana at Cannabissearch.com

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Nov 08

SDHA Purple Chem D. Strain (Medical Marijuana)

Purple Chem D. strain picked up from San Diego Herbal Alternative located in San Diego, CA Website: www.WeedMeds.Org Facebook on.fb.me Twitter: bit.ly

www.grostrain.com FREE marijuana strain reviews. This is a great batch of medical weed buds. If you every have the chance to get the herb strain cheese then you should get your self some and get nice and baked!

Sep 07

purple urkle,sour diesel,LA confidential,green crack,blue cheez. clones

make sure to click on the link if you want this strian !!!!! www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk IAM A MEDICAL PATIENT I DO NOT FLOWER MORE THEN 3 AT A TIME,FOR MY OWN PERsONALPAIN.i thought to make a video of it and up load it for yall to check it out,all of them smoked great ! these are 10 day old clones the light is a T5!!!i feed them foxfarm !!! peace have fun be safe and godbless.
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Aug 26

HEALTHY ROOTS Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Grow 10 – PURPLE KUSH (Documented)

Purple Kush grown in bucket huydroponics. Massiva roots develope in this documented grow in less than 22 days. Flower began Nov 12th, this video is from that timeline.

Aug 14

Strawberry Diesel Strain Review – Purple Elephant Co-Op

**PLEASE LIKE/FAVORITE THIS VIDEO IF YOU DON’T MIND HELPING US OUT! THANKS FOR WATCHING!** ~ Here is a preview for things to come in episode 37 of The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection. This is the Strawberry Diesel from the Purple Elephant Co-Op, a delivery service in the bay area. This is one of the stickiest, most refreshing strains I’ve ever had to pleasure to smoke. twitter.com/tokedaddyslim www.purpleelephantcoop.com
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