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Sep 15

San Diego Weed Review #4 : Skywalker OG & Purple Princess

In this episode I will explain the health benefits of using a vaporizer. My little homemade test proves it. But people still smoke from the bong because I think there are more cannabinoids released at a higher temp. I am not sure, so don’t listen to me, but thats what I hear. Also I am starting to grow my own medicine in order to save me a lot of money. I will document everything I do in order to educate other patients. Purple Princess – Dense nugs with a touch of purple. Nice frost to it but doesn’t hit as hard and the other meds I had. Lasts for about an hour so its at least a 4 star urb. Skywalker OG – I can’t comment on this strain until I get a new batch. But from when I smoked it in the bong, it had an expanding feeling. When I get a fresh batch I will re-review it. It is very stinky. I plan on heading out Sunday to get more good strains, I would like to goto Nuggetry and try out at least 3 of thier 619 strains. The ones I am looking at are 619 Green Crack, 619 Nuggetry OG, and some of thier Chuckle I keep hearing about. If I am lucky, I will get more 619 strains to review. Might have to make it a 2 part episode. Thanks for watching and in the next episode I will show different styles of storage I use in order to keep the urbs fresh.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sep 05

Strain Review Hash Meds Tv valley kush train wreck moon rocks

strain review train wreck valley kush purple snowcap moon rocks cannabis connection purple kush sovereignty glass toro the weed report S og sour diesel chemdog medical marijuana prop 215 legalization herb chronic gardening palestine cnn episode part hemp plants seed fights justin bieber
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Aug 10

San Diego Weed Review #10: SDTMC’s Blue Dream Haze & Allen Wrench

This is a new club and I got to say that they are starting off real well. Not the biggest selection but that will soon change if they keep doing what they are doing. I only saw like 3-5 good strains out of 15+ or so strains so ask what is the most potent. I love that Allen Wrench, to me it’s almost like cheese but I don’t have any more here to verify. I will soon get some more and enjoy the nice music. I love old school raggae but am lovin the dancehall dubs. I will come out with some new tools as well as new dub plates for yaw. Peace, oh and if your in San Diego, hit me up on weedmaps. My name is Skillakali

Aug 02

San Diego Weed Review #9: Green Crop’s Tripple OG & Super Sour Diesel

I decided to go take a trip to Green Crop Co-op as I have read nice reviews on weedmaps. They were right again, Nice meds, great people, fat hookup and the best part the choke. Go on Fridays when they get new strains in and check them out on weedmaps for info. Oh and don’t I look like a walrus in slo mo? LMAO!!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jun 19

BCC Session #1 – The ‘NUKEN’ Strain Review

Stopped by the Boulder Creek Collective to check out this new local strain I’ve been hearing so much about. It’s called the Nuken, and it’s frosty and stinky as all hell. Big thanks to BCC and my guest, Tahoe Shaggy. Enjoy the bud porn and stay medicated guys!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Here’s a sneak peak of the strain review for episode 36, the Raskal Fire Og from Boulder Creek Collective. This is one of the dankest OG’s around these days, from the Cali Connection Seed Company. Kick back and enjoy some bud porn.

Jun 07

‘Dawgs Waltz’ – Elemental Wellness Center (HD Strain Review)

This is a clip from our weekly Cannabis review show, THE CANNABIS CONNOISSEUR CONNECTION, on youtube. You can find a link to my show on my channel page. Weekly hash/bud/glass reviews and smoke sessions! SUB for your weekly dank porn!!

May 23

Bootcamp- Strain Review: ATF

medicalmarijuanabootcamp.com Chubbs & Tang review a strain that they previously thought didn’t exist — Alaskan Thunder Fuck!! Very heavy sativa dominant strain.

Apr 24

Kandy Kush from Voyagers Coffeeshop – Amsterdam Weed Review

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO edit.pyrah.net – Shop Online with EveryoneDoesIt.com (EDIT) and help support this channel! Classic stretch of the OG Kush that bulks up and fills out like the TW to give you OG flavor and TW nugs. Once again we bring the medicinal benefits and the great taste of the OG Kush and crossed it to classic Cali. Train Wreck strain – known for it’s good commercial yields, frostiness and lemony scents. The sweetness of this Kush hybrid is comparable to kandy and after one hit you will keep coming back for more!! Heavy crystal production comes on after the 5th week but doesn’t stop producing! One of the most resinous plants in our catalogue. True California flavor. 1st Colorado Cannabis Crown 2010 voted best medical marijuana out of 140 strains Thanks for watching! COMMENT and LIKE if you enjoyed the video and SUBSCRIBE to see my new videos as they are released. FIND ME ON THE INTERWEBS – My NEW WEBSITE andrew.pyrah.net My Other YouTube Channel www.youtube.com Check out my photos on DAILYBOOTH: dailybooth.com Like my page on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com Follow me on TWITTER: twitter.com You can also watch my videos on GROWHD.TV: www.growhd.tv Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” creativecommons.org I created this video and I own all rights to all content in the video.

Mar 08

San Diego Weed Review #20: Louis XIII OG

www.strainreviews.net dispensarysd.com This is a very good OG strain that is smooth in the bong with a great sweet taste. There is a similar strain called the Obama OG that is going around down in San Diego as well. Check out www.strainreviews.net for more strains. Louis XIII OG – A nice hybrid that won’t knock you out unless you smoke too much. I love the way it tastes with a OG sweetness that is very smooth. The effects are very strong as I only bring you guys the very best of weed here in San Diego. Urb was donated by Oasis Herbal Center. Song Dilated Peoples Ft. Guru & Havoc – Worst Comes to Worst (Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dec 24

Medical marijuana dispensary review: The Wellness Shop in Denver

Medical marijuana dispensary review: The Wellness Shop in Denver
But a massive grow was clearly located somewhere in the building, because the smell of organic material and blended cannabis strains wafted through the place. It's amazing what pseudo-legality can do. Just a few years ago, this was the type of smell
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