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Sep 06

Q&A: What is the best method of smoking marijuana?

Question by Brandon: What is the best method of smoking marijuana?
What is the best way to smoke marijuana that is enjoyable?
blunt, joint, bowl, bong, steamroller, cyclone, or hookah?

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Answer by Kate
with friends that are funny

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Apr 19

best way to germinate marijuana how to grow a bud plant pregnant girls smoking

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Sep 17

best weed smoking song and video (QLIMAX GETTING OWNED)

QLIMAX getting OWNED BY RASTAFARI :)). i made it because i used to litsten hardstyle but now i listen to reagge. Hardstyle is dead. This video is for all weed smokers around the world. watch that big joint and some more of stoners =] with a lot of weed

Aug 29

Q&A: Smoking weed before class?

Question by edified: Smoking weed before class?
I’m going to University in July and i’m planning on doing an experiment by smoking weed every morning before my lectures and studying high. Not smoking so much to get me too high but enough for a light chilled high where I can still compose my thoughts and focus. Looking for advice from any body that has done this, what kind of weed strain did you use. I heard sativa strains are the best for studying high. I’ve tried reading high on skunk and could do it easily, was breezing through material. Only it made me tired quickly due to being an indica strain. I don’t know where to get sativa strains or how to get them so was thinking of trying weed and coffee?

Any good advice from anyone who has tried this will be appreciated.
I already know the dangers of marijuana and been doing it for a while so I don’t need to be told that it’s gonna kill me, or make me go crazy.etc
Been studying towards my bachelors degree in engineering for 2 years, sometimes high sometimes sober. Studying high never harmed me in fact it helped me a lot, now I want to learn how to do it right.

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Answer by AshleeK
You my friend are gonna go places

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Aug 23

I’m high after two days of smoking Medical Marijuana?

Question by Maik Wazowski: I’m high after two days of smoking Medical Marijuana?
I’m high after two days of smoking Medical Marijuana?
It was medical Mj, so it wasn’t laced with anything. It keeps coming back, so far, this is the fourth high I’ve gotten off of it. It was a mix of SFV og and Sweet Tooth strains. I’m getting tired of the buzz. How long will this last? I was told I need to eat more, because it’s probably coming out from the fats my body is processing cause I haven’t been eating that much. It seems that 5hr energy aggravates it. I’m pretty blow right now, I just had a 5hr shot. I’ve tried several strains, I’m not a huge fan of the stuff, and I seem to have a paradoxical reaction to it. I feel pain more, for one thing. I’ve gotten stoned on SFV og, which is an indica dominant strain, it has less thc than sweet tooth but more of the other cannabanoids. Sweet tooth is a sativa dominant strain, which has more thc. I took quite a bit of both. The effects have not gone away. Btw, sweet tooth is more of a clear headed variety. So I was still quite aware of my surroundings, albeit quite strange.

Side note, ever see the movie Cube 2.
When I go into my all white small bathroom, it feels like I’m
in the tesseract, two mirrors, and if I stretch my arm back slowly
it looks like it goes on forever. I make scary faces at myself and
approach the full body mirror slowly. That’s very amusing :).

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Answer by Myrna Minkoff
Are you sure it was medical? It may have been laced with PCP and it’s only been 20 mins. Find a reliable time reference: Did the cube already finished? go back to your supplier and say that you.

Argh, just realized this was posted 20hrs ago, well hopefully you’re back by now πŸ™‚

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May 11

Reasons To Stop Smoking Weed

Marijuana is a drug used by all types of people are around America. Marijuana users are just regular people like teens, blue collar workers, white collar works, stay at home moms and even your neighbor may smoke pot. It does not mean you are a bad person it just means that you have a habit that you are addicted too and need to find a way to quit that will best work with you. Although weed is not considered or labeled as a β€œhard” drug like many other drugs, people feel that it really is not that big of a problem. The reality is that it is harmful and can hurt your chance of succeeding in your life’s goals. Those looking to stop smoking weed find it difficult to stop because their mind is so used to being high all the time and they are addicted to the high. It is important to remember that it is possible to quit and when you do you will be healthier and will see improvements in your life quickly.

There are many reasons to stop smoking weed but in truth you will not be successful if you are not 100% committed to quitting. Getting high is addicting and a hard habit to stop but it is well worth the work in order to improve your quality of life. Smoking weed damages your lungs, stains your teeth and can hurt your ability to get and keep a job.

The biggest thing that pot smokers do not realize is that when you inhale the marijuana smoke it is damaging your lungs similar to those who smoke cigarettes. Since there have been no cases relating marijuana to cancer many who indulge do not believe that they are hurting their bodies. The fact is that if you do smoke pot you are hurting your health and when you decide to stop smoking weed your lungs will begin to repair themselves! Smoking weed also stains your teeth and damages your gums. People who smoke weed on a regular basis have strained teeth and damaged gums like those people who smoke cigarettes.

These days especially, actually finding a job is hard enough without having extra stress of having to find a way to pass a drug test. Recently drug test have become more common, at least 9 out of 10 jobs will require passing a drug test before you are actually hired. It is stressful enough going through the process of finding work, if you add the stress of passing a drug test it can become unbearable.

There are tons of reasons for you to stop smoking weed but you have to be really willing to go through a dramatic lifestyle change. Reevaluate your life’s situation and make the decision that will best improve your life. Stop smoking weed now and improve your quality of life today.

Many people want to stop smoking weed but are not aware of what the process involves. Visit http://tostopsmokingweed.blogspot.com to find great tips and guidelines when going through this process.

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May 01

best seed strain hydroponics marajuana quit smoking pot

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Apr 15

The Best Program To Stop Smoking Weed Everyday

People have a lot of reasons or rather, excuses for smoking pot. What about you? What’s your excuse? How sure were you that you wouldn’t get addicted? Did the sensations feel more like a require than a want as the days grow old?

Let go back to the time when you start smoking pot. So on your 1st time, you as well as your THC receptors, which are located in your brain, are going through the roof! There is a simple explanation why a lot of people get addicted with smoking cannabis. In our brain, these things called our THC receptors were sensing cannabis for the first time, therefore immediately achieving the response that our intelligence is expecting. And that feeling is, of course being stoned or high

This is what keeps you wanting more. So the more you smoke, the higher the amount of cannabis that you inhale. You thought it was a notable way to relax and relieve some succeed related strain. And now you are thinking how to stop smoking cannabis. It might make you sick at times, but you still feel that it’s not explanation plenty to stop smoking marijuana.


Maybe it’s about time that you asked yourself, why do I smoke dagga? What got into my head that I started doing this? What valid motive do I have? None. There is no valid reason for smoking weed. It’s all in the intelligence.

When it lastly reached the point that I needed it every day whenever I felt like I needed to relax more, I started making myself sick. And I felt other side effects as well. It was so easy to start doing it. It’s like nothing at first, but what you don’t realize on the first time is that attempting to stop smoking pot is remarkably hard.

Do you really desire to stop smoking grass?

Do you smoke because you thought it was only once or twice a week but limit yourself to doing it in the evenings when you don’t have any commitments to fulfill? Are you thinking about quitting weed?

Why couldn’t you get back to that natural way?

Sometimes no amount of medication or self-avail groups can help you if you can’t even listen to your one voice.So start questioning yourself. Why should you stop smoking ganja? When will you and how to stop smoking pot? Yes, it is about time you started giving yourself value, and asks questions like, is it worth it? Is everything worth risking for a little piece of fallacious happiness and short-lived laughter?

Learn more about <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/4397469′]);” href=’http://quitting-weed.com/why-do-you-smoke-weed-and-how-to-stop-smoking-weed/’>How To Stop Smoking Weed</a>. Visit our site where you can find out all about the <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/4397469′]);” href=’http://quitting-weed.com/the-benefits-of-quitting-weed-and-a-new-lifestyle-change/’>Benefits Of Quitting Weed </a> and what it can do for you.

Mar 24

Colorado medical marijuana patients smoking a bong bowl

We medicated while talking about a bunch of things. We used a hemp wick to light the bowl instead of a lighter to avoid the butane. I mentioned some strain reviews and we talked about the meal we ate that night. We had a good time out on the town and tried to describe it for you. When we were done we used the vaporizer and made another video so come back soon to see that video. Thanks for watching Please leave comments. Don’t forget to thumbs up, and favorite. We are both Medical Marijuana patients in the State of Colorado. Thank you for your compassion.
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Website: www.WeedMeds.Org Facebook on.fb.me Twitter: bit.ly Thanks for tuning in! There’s more to come! Strain: Nuggetry Blackberry Kush Where: CPA (California Patients Association) in Santa Ana California Beats: www.20dollarbeats.com

Feb 11

Mega Baked: Smoking White Widow & Selecting Strains….

Totally stoned…. Smoking the White Widow… Smoking the herb… 4:20 time…. Help me select some strains to grow from the Pick n Mix section of EDIT…. Welcoming some new subscribers. soz…didn’t attach the slowmo close ups. Peace n Pot. J

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