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Sep 16

Marijuana question, recreational use: what kind of high does purple kush give you? Be specific!?

Question by ??øv??: Marijuana question, recreational use: what kind of high does purple kush give you? Be specific!?
I have done many different medical marijuana strains but I am having trouble remembering the high purple kush gave me. It’s been a while. Anyway, I’d like to know because I’m buying $ 60 worth on friday..about 3.5 grams..all to myself, so just need my memory refreshed! I only smoke a few times a year..so that is why. Anyway, thanks in advance for any helpful answers.

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Answer by redrover
purple kush…is a high that is well…cigs are fantastic i chain smoke like a bitch…food is heavenly literally every bite is orgasmic…everything gets soft really just perfect to the touch…everything becomes great…you tend to forget about the struggles of life and just relax. however…talking is weird your voice sounds loud but everyone sounds the same…remembering is difficult there’s a term for it but i forget it…walking is a new adventure…its great…and since you don’t smoke often it will PHUCK you up…have fun

(dont smoke it all or well bad things can and probably will happen. i wont go in to detail, don’t wanna get ya all paranoid…so just relax smoke a joint or half one and chill)

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Jan 25

what types of weed are sativa and what types are indica? What strains of weed (specific names) givetrippyhighs?

Question by Kevin T: what types of weed are sativa and what types are indica? What strains of weed (specific names) givetrippyhighs?
i need to knowwhat kind of weeds, such as headies, are sativa, or which strains are indica. i need to know this because the last couple times ive pick up, it was a mellow high and i didnt know wut kind of bud i picked up/ i want a strain of bud thats sativa so i can get a trippy high. DONT SAY DONT SMOKE WEED OR I WILL REPORT YOU!!!!!!

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Answer by GUYUTE

No, I’m just kidding, smoking weed is better than drinking – everything in moderation is the key! It’s usually pretty difficult to discern between indica and sativa, just by looking at the buds. You really need to see the entire plant, or at least the leaves. I guess the one variety that would be easy to identify would be “skunk” varieties. If it’s really sticky and almost purple, than it is likely an indica variety. Other than that, it’s pretty hard to tell what variety you have until you smoke it. Why not simply ask for a single “sample” toke to see if you like the effects?

Oh, and the fact is, most cannabis is a hybrid between the two varieties, e.g., 60% sativa/40% indica. One of the strains I think is really good is “master kush.” Google seed banks, and look at what they sell. You’ll see hundreds of different strains, subdivided by indoor/outdoor, indica/sativa, etc.

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Jan 30

Are there specific medical marijuana strains that help relieve chronic pain, joint inflammation?

Question by truth*seeker: Are there specific medical marijuana strains that help relieve chronic pain, joint inflammation?
I have a very painful rheumatoid arthritis condition, as well as osteoarthritis. . I never thought I would, but I am considering trying something that is natural as apposed to the heavy medication routine that I am currently on. I also am trying to learn if medical marijuana causes inflammation in the body that could cause my immune system to worsen, if it is not taken in through smoking, but by other natural means. I am finding mixed information about whether this causes inflammation, and believe it is only when this substance is smoked, that it contributes to inflammation.

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Answer by Exec Pot Head
Indica Mon Cheri!
My advice – find some and see. If you don’t smoke cigarettes I don’t think the minimal smoking of 2 to 3 hits even a few times a day would not hurt. The studies I see are about cigarette smoking and inflammation. There is a Vaporizer. Wonderful, high cost invention.
The link is to a forum with your same question. Kush for arthritis.
Definitely try cookies! Obtain lower grade MJ and look up a BudTer recipe.

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Oct 24

Q&A: I’ve heard that you can find cannabis seeds on Khao San Road, but can you find specific strains?

Question by anonymous: I’ve heard that you can find cannabis seeds on Khao San Road, but can you find specific strains?
Or just generally good weed seeds?

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Answer by dawn666annapolis
you are a moron.

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Aug 28

Specific Free Advice on the Finest, First-class Quality Legal Highs

Do you enjoy treating yourself to lighting up Marijuana Sativa strains such as Apple, Angolese, Cambodian, Zacatecas Purple, Swaziland, Juicy Fruit Thai, Vietnamese? Or perhaps you delightderive pleasure getting your fix from Indica strains such as Mazar, Romulan, Afghani kush? These are all wonderful strains, definitely! However for today we’ll be talking about herbal weeds instead which you may become interested in using at some point in time.

These first class smoke blends have received the most positive testimonials and results, so much so that long-time smokers have branded these to be high caliber smoke blends in the business. There are many other brands ofc ourse from other legal bud headshops who can also provide the same-equal high caliber legal weeds to the prospective consumers.
The well known suppliers of these exotic herbs who sell wholesale and retail online are herbalsmokeshop, gothicdrugs, sun coast etc., which we shall be reviewing on the next letters. For the present let us talk about these particular products, shall we?
So how did  these herbal intoxications, manage to transform themselves to become people favorites? After all, a lot of them get take off the market, even get called  legal high rip offs by some?
It’s simple really. Although some just have this relaxing psychoactive effect about them? Those herbal cigarettes or smokes, the consumer believes he can get the most precious buzz from? Gets the consumer thumbs-up OR rejection entirely dependent on thecustomer’s satisfaction levels. For now, I will leave you to explore and discover, which among these items deserve the highest ratings.


Would you like to see these graphs and Testimonials?
The results and graphs can be seen on my website. They are based on customer’s feedback and opinions based on actual customers who have tried them. This is to have a consumer database of sorts to get an idea what works, and which items had to be disposed off permanently! Unfortunately the product results that received unacceptable scores were removed, but for research purposes, you can refer to the Erowid for that.

The other items you may find interesting are:
Hawaiian Gold Buds, All Star Legal, Smokers Dream, Hybrid Nuggets, Honey Blonde, Black Magic, KanZak, Inner Vision, Vector Shot, Herbal Quiver, Happy Camper etc, which are also of great quality and worth special mention!

We are close to the end of this article and I cannot rightfully end this article without first telling you you  that these herbal smokes are not tobacco products nor are they legal marijuana alternatives! Unfortunately  a lot of Noobs  mistakenly expect these to be like: psilocin, crack,  dried peyote, stalker, fentanyl,or even inhalant, Alpha-ethyltryptamine, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, Chronic, Methylphenidate and other street drugs!

Unfortunately that is a mistake! These  legal weeds work for sure, just not as second-rate alternates to the illicit drugs sold by your un-friendly neighborhood drug seller! These are  not meant to be substandard replacements for anything, period! They work but they have their own one of a kind tastes and blends that thousands of people all over the world have developed taste for! The very thing also applies to any class AAA smoke blends not mentioned here today, being offered for sale by other multinational herbal high outfits.As you may know, brand names do not matter as importantly as the powerful, intoxicating contents inside them.

Which contents to be on the lookout for?
The raw legal weeds ingredients of interest to look out for when assesing smoke blends, which are commonly mixed in with these smoke blends include but are not limited to: Leonotis leonurus, Mitragyna speciosa(brand name Kratom), Leaf of god, Salvia Divinorum {{{Extract|Powder|Plant|Herbs}}, Blue Lotus and variety of other herbs! These may or may not be present in the legal buds mentioned, but are the most common ingredients used in the smoke blends niche. Lastly as an added tip. Some people say using Vaporizers (i.e. Herbal Aire H2.1, V-Tower Extreme, or VaporTower ), Bongs, Hookahs etc, intensifies the IMPACT and EFFECTS of the smoke blends!

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