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Sep 18

DELAWARE: State rushes to ban 'bath salts'

DELAWARE: State rushes to ban 'bath salts'
Hosfelt said dealing with the violent and erratic behavior of people on bath salts "has put a tremendous strain on the Dover Police Department" and has required more manpower to deal with users. "We spend countless hours in the emergency room
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Saturday updates from Nugget shooting, Street Vibrations closure
Vagos members allegedly make, transport and distribute meth and distribute marijuana. Members of the club also allegedly have been implicated in criminal activities including homicide, assault, extortion, weapons violations, insurance fraud,
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Jul 06

What state has the best for marijuana users?

Question by JamesH: What state has the best for marijuana users?
I haven’t used pot since I had some trouble in my state. Now I have to chance to move anywhere in the U.S.. I’d like to have a small place where I can grow my own and smoke some at home after work. Is there a state in the United States thats best for a person like me?

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Answer by AmeriKazmosWantD
California, Without Arguement.

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Sep 23

9-2 Grow Update – Legal Washington State Medical Marijuana Grow

Join me while I work out how to grow in my new 5’x5′ grow tent. Switched from deep water culture (bubble buckets) to organic super soil in 3-5 gallon airpots and working out the bugs. Trying to figure out what strain I want to continue growing as my main strain. Currently in this grow there are 2 Raw Diesels, 2 Pineapple Express and 5 Kandy Kush in the flower tent under a 1000W HPS and a White Widow and Darkstar seeding in 1-5 gallon airpots. 4 vegging plants are in 5 gallon airpots and include a Sour Candy, Critical Plus, SAGE and a Blue Widow. 5 Dutch Passion Blueberry seeds are germinating right now as 5 plants are being harvested tomorrow! 15 plants total as allowed by Washington State law for medical marijuana patients of which I am a legal patient.
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May 28

What state has the best marijuana?

Question by just answer: What state has the best marijuana?
I’ve lived in georgia and arizona and both states had some pretty good bud. Not the exotic stuff(kush, purp, burp, church, or etc)How about your state? do you have good bud?

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Answer by Daph
None…. potthead

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Mar 18

Herb Dean and Big John McCarthy give their take on the state of MMA judging

It’s only a matter of time before a local medical marijuana dispensary in Southern California names one of their strains ‘The Herb Dean’. It will be fairly priced and Joe Rogan may even agree that it’s the greatest strain of medical marijuana out there. Until that day comes (give it about three months), we have to settle for this video of Herb Dean and Big John McCarthy giving their take on the state of MMA judging. It’s an informative piece with a plug at the end of it. In that sense, it’s like an Xbox 360. Think about that, then get back to me tomorrow.
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Jan 01

Best Medical Marijuana State closest to Missouri?

Question by jaker0135: Best Medical Marijuana State closest to Missouri?
What is the best Medical Marijuana State to move to that is closest to Missouri?
I know there are 13 medical marijuana states… california, colorado, hawaii, alaska, orgeon, and some others… Im wondering which of the 13 is the best to move to and will for sure recognize my ADHD as a reason to get Medical Marijuana
Can I get it for ADHD?

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Answer by Matt M
Im pretty sure the only one is California. Maybe some others but to the best of my knowledge it’s California.

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Nov 26

Q&A: Most popular medical marijuana strains in washington state?

Question by : Most popular medical marijuana strains in washington state?
I know northern lights is popular in washington state. any others?

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Answer by Alexandra Erin
Northern lights and white widow, I guess.

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Sep 01

Needy People Can Easily Access Medical Marijuana Card From State

Smoking marijuana is illegal under federal law, but in some states, it is legal to smoke it for medical purposes. In the USA, most states have passed laws in this regard to legalize the use of marijuana for medical reasons. There is a registration program required by the needy people to access medial marijuana card in USA. The states like California, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Maine, and nine other states have legalized the use of marijuana to treat medical conditions.


Some scientific studies have proved that medial marijuana can effectively help to cure nausea, muscle pain and headaches. Even some severe diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s conditions are being treated by marijuana. It can also help to relieve chronic pain and symptoms of some other medical conditions that generally do not respond well to other medications. That is why many people are applying to obtain medical marijuana card for legal protection to consume it.



There are some preconditions and restrictions for issuing medical marijuana card to the people. First of all, the ratification of your condition is must by your doctor who would recommend and explain how medical marijuana is useful for you. Those who require this card have to submit proper documents as per the recommendations by doctors or other experts of the field.  You also need to reside within that state to obtain a medial marijuana card. Beware that you will be asked to produce proof of your residency.


Generally, medial marijuana card costs over 0 to the applicants. Such card holders can also grow the marijuana plants indoor for the medical purposes. The marijuana grow kit is suitable for such planters to provide natural like environment for the proper development of plants. Artificial lighting, hangers, nutrients, timer and temp gauge are provided to the needy people to ensure the good growth of the marijuana plants.

For more information regarding <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/2929413’]);” href=”http://www.caligrowkits.com”>Marijuana Grow Kit</a> and <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/2929413’]);” href=”http://www.caligrowkits.com”>Medical Marijuana</a> please visit <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/2929413’]);” href=”http://www.caligrowkits.com”>http://www.caligrowkits.com</a>

Medical Marijuana Center of Saginaw 3130 Christy Way N Saginaw, Michigan 48603 Description: A serious, honest approach to the use of marijuana to help alleviate pain. Script: “Do you suffer from a painful medical condition? And does the medicine you take fail to alleviate that pain? We provide safe and legal cannabis to registered patients to help alleviate chronic pain, protect the brain from the effects of strokes, and help AIDS and cancer patients deal with multiple-drug regimens. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provides consultation and help with registering and growing medicinal marijuana. We also provide advice on use and maintenance. Call or stop by today.”

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Aug 25

States Rights: The State Of Legal Marijuana


The United States of America is a union that conists of 50 vast and different states. The State of the Union speech is the President of the United States of America giving his observations and report on how the union of the 50 states is functioning. (and if you are really counting you must take into consideration Washington DC and some territories that America presides over such as Guam). The states the union contain, in certain situations and areas, govern themselves. They set the tone and climate for the administration of some or all of public resources in reguards to labour and wealth. America is currently in the midst of a liberatarian movement that is increases in intensity as states seek to wrest power to enforce public policy in certain areas and situation in lieu of the federal government.

The past 3 years have seen several clashes between the different state governments and Washington DC. The State of Arizona is currently engaged in a very heated struggle with The Obama Administration about the enforcement of security at the Arizona – Mexico border. Texas has also expressed its own needs and interests in dictating policy of the security of their own Mexican border. Violence is on the rise on the borders of these states where the vast desert acts a a portal for the smuggling of illegal drugs, illegal immigration and outirght human trafficing.

The battleground of states rights vs federal government has not seen a brighter stage than the issue of same sex marriage. The debate is personal and intense and crosses many different areas of contention. The issue was brought to the forefront of the American consciousness by George W. Bush as he sought to turn the tide of the 2004 United States presidential election against the Democratic party nominee John Kerry. Bush stated that marriage should be defined as the union of a man and a woman and that same sex marriages should not be recognized in The United States. The ensuing years have seen some states legalize same sex marriage, many others vote their states same sex marriage down and countless debates and court cases going back and forth in this battlefield in the war for political power between the states and Washington DC.


The next potential area of conflict in this never ending union dance with federal governement will be legal marijuana in America. The growing consensus is that it is just a matter of time before one of the states in the union, with the smart money betting on California, Colorado or Michigan, will end their prohibition of marijuana and legalize its recreational possession and use. Medical Marijuana is already out of the closet and never to return. City and state governemts that have legalized medical marijuana are already proifitting and allocating funds received in the taxes generated and this revenue is not going to be eliminated now that the states have had a taste of this new windfall.

California attempted to legalize recreational use in November 2010 with Proposition 19. Voted down by a 54-46% margin in a midterm election, the pieces were not completely in place for victory. The issue will come back with a vengeance in 2012 and early observations are that the new proposition will be written with a more inclusive attitude toward the state’s legal marijuana culture and include the concerns of growers, defense lawyers and dispensaries. The 2012 election will be a presidential election and thus will include a bigger turnout of the younger voters of the population, the very core of the populace that most voting registration drives aim at and coincindentally which happen to be a huge block of the yes to recreational marijuana base.

The federal governemnt seems to be in a quandry if one of these states actually does break away from the “Just Say No” federal stance on all recreational drugs except tobacco and alcohol. The push came to shove last October when it looked like Proposition 19 had a chance to pass in California, forcing Obama Administration Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske to issue the following statement on recreational legal marijuana:

“To test the idea of legalizing and taxing marijuana, we only need to look at already legal drugs–alcohol and tobacco. We know that the taxes collected on these substances pale in comparison to the social and health care costs related to their widespread use.”

Clearly the federal government is not on board with legal marijauna in California sponsoring the Super Bowl Half Time Show in 2020. How does a state’s citizens respond to this statement when their population votes on an initiative that could help their economy to recover from the most serious state economic crisis in its history? Does the federal government have a right to tell a private citizen that even though they have voted on a principle in majority that they still do not have the freedom to exercise this right as affored to them through popular vote?

Thomas Jefferson, was quoted as saying “The government which governs least, governs best”. The Jefferson authored Decleration of Independence, the very document that the federal government is founded on, declares that we all have “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The federal government will seek to deny citizens rights they have afforded to themselves through their state’s popular vote, clinging to aging and archaic rhetoric. The stance and posturing does not govern least and it certainly does not govern best; denying their citizens the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that it professes its very existence for.


Robert Carr is an activist in the movement to outright legalize marijuana in California.  Visit

legalmarijuanacalifornia.com for more information.

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