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Oct 10

Cool Weed Strains images

Some cool weed strains images:

weed strains
Image by JosephAdams

Sour Diesel
weed strains
Image by JosephAdams
So skunky and tasty.

Sep 26

Theweedguy Puffs DOWN 31 STRAINS

Theweedguy decides to sample the entire menu for Imedikates 6128 Fraser street Location. All the strains are truly awesome and are so tasty. Stay tuned for more glorious videos. Enjoy Life. Thanks to Vancity Bull Dog Cafe at 316 West Hastings

Aug 25

Q&A: can you identify strains of weed by seeds?

Question by melqui: can you identify strains of weed by seeds?
pretty self exlpanatory and just curious

Best answer:

Answer by Destiny
yeah, you can. lol.

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Aug 13

Cool Weed Strains images

Some cool weed strains images:

it’s almost that time again (25.365)
weed strains
Image by girlinredshoes
This year I am going to work hard. I am going to make my soil rich, healthy, and grow huge plants in it. I am going to weed and water and strain in the sun. I will not just put it off. I will have a garden.

Jul 28

what are the best strains of weed?

Question by Jamilah: what are the best strains of weed?

Best answer:

Answer by Om shanti, shanti, shanti …. !
*Here is a list & description of the
best strains of weed:


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Jul 26

Global Harvest Report / Top 10 Strains of 2010

It’ s the most wonderful time of year–harvest time–and HIGH TIMES is celebrating with a Global Harvest report that takes you to exotic nations such as South Africa, Morocco and Australia, plus all the usual cannabis hotspots in the US, Canada and Mexico… The issue also features our hotly anticipated annual list of the top ten strains of the year… Here’s just a small sampling of the finest cannabis varieties found within… Also this month, we explore the Strains of Maine, and make beautiful music with MGMT, Kid Cudi and Robbie Kreiger of the Doors… Plus, Pix of the Crop features photos from real readers like you, THMQ rounds up pot prices from around the country, Dear Danko answers all your cultivation questions, and last, but not least, a Jack Herer centerfold that will change your life! All in the new December issue of HIGH TIMES, on sale now! hightimes.com
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True cannabis connoisseurs know that the greatest marijuana in the world begins its life as a seed, so we’ve packed our latest Best Of edition of HIGH TIMES with all the latest info on the best seeds and strains available anywhere. You’ll learn in depth facts about the most potent varieties of this most wonderful plant, starting with our annual list of the year’s top ten strains. We’ll also introduce you to the newest inductees into the HIGH TIMES seed bank hall of fame, take you on a journey to Canada and Spain to meet top breeders and sample their harvests, trace the history of Haze through its many amazing incarnations, meet a strain collector who wants one of every kind and learn the cultivation secrets of top growers from around the world. Plus, a strain-laden centerfold that will make your stash box green with envy! All in HIGH TIMES’ new Seeds and Strain Guide for 2010 — on newsstands now! hightimes.com

Jul 16

Latest Weed Strains News

Jul 10

Q&A: which strains are cannabis sativa dominant?

Question by : which strains are cannabis sativa dominant?
bubba kush is cannabis indica dominant, but i wanna know what strains are cannabis sativa dominant. i know one example would be strawberry cough

Best answer:

Answer by Jimmy O
northern lights

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Jun 20

what are strains of weed?

Question by John: what are strains of weed?
what are they ? I dont understand ? I tought that a person just buys the seeds and plants it and gets one type of weed? but now I heard there is different types like kush and haze :S im confused .. is there not just one type of cannabis plant?
please explain

Best answer:

Answer by ZaneyJ
You know that not all flowers grow the same shape, size, color or scent, the same goes for cannabis. There are different kinds of all different shapes, sizes, scents, colors, etc. There are better strains, ones with higher THC levels and ones with lower and of varying prices.

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Jun 16

My Top 10 Favorite Marijuana Strains

The 10 best marijuana strains that I have tried.
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