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Dec 23

The Strongest Strains of Weed

Some of the best weed from across the world! But mostly pure amsterdam bud ^^
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Dec 21

Dr Michael Geci (1/2) – Cannabis and The Endocannabinoid System (Medical Marijuana)

Part 1 of 2 – While at the Marijuana Conference 2011 i met Dr Michael Geci of Montana Botanical Analysis, he kindly took the time out to speak to you about the Endocannabinoid System and explains why we respond to cannabis. www.facebook.com/Montana-Botanical-Analysis To keep up to date with the rest of my travels and ganja experience please visit www.CannabisCure.co.uk and subscribe to The Cannabis Cure UK Weekly News Podcast. Each week I’ll be covering UK Cannabis stories and Activism, I’ll have more guests on talking about strains, preparations, the history of cannabis, and you’ll also get to meet some of most important movers and shakers in the cannabis community from across the world! Tweet me: @CannabisCureUK www.twitter.com/CannabisCureUK Facebook: Cure Ukay www.facebook.com/CureUkay Podomatic: The Cannabis Cure UK Weekly News Podcast www.CureUK.podomatic.com Join Clear – Cannabis Law Reform www.Clear-UK.org & www.facbook.com/ClearUK Thanks for watching Enjoy Peace!
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Dec 14

HIGH TIMES Presents: Top 10 Strains of the Year

HIGH TIMES’ list of the best pot varieties of the past year featuring past and future Cannabis Cup winners and strains that stand up to stringent testing with potency, flavor and incredible colors and smells. Free Sample of this magazine: hightimes.com Music: “Ganja Smoke” By Ziggy Marley
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alturl.com Check out this link now if you want to learn more about growing weed or buy the best weed seeds available anywhere! This is where I go to buy all of my cannabis seeds 🙂 alturl.com best grow lights for marijuana best indoor marijuana strains best marijuana in amsterdam best marijuana…
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Dec 08

Properly Cured Medical Marijuana – CRACKED OPEN! Papaya Strain Fruity Weed

www.GanjaDude.com Very Stony Ganja Website. Music Kottonmouth Kings Spark it up Quick video of properly trimmed and cured marijuana. I cracked open This is from Ganja Dude’s Nirvana Seeds Papaya Grow. About 3 weeks after harvest, nice looking fruity nugget. Nirvana Seeds Papaya …
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(SALEM, Ore.) – Americans are increasingly discovering that one of the best, most effective medicines for a surprising range of ailments, is none other than cannabis, the notorious weed that is officially known as marijuana, but carries as many street names as it does burdens from generations of government propaganda. In the beginning it was about getting this plant off the market so that synthetic rope and other newly developed goods made in noxious, smoke belching factories, could take its place. There are funny stories. The movie ‘Reefer Madness’ which made millions of Americans in the 1930’s believe that marijuana was a deadly violence-causing narcotic, was used to push marijuana into outlaw status. Then when WWII broke out, it was suddenly just fine for farmers to again grow marijuana, in this case the industrial strains better known as hemp. Catch the entire report here: salem-news.com
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Dec 04

Marijuana Seed Strains

www.SuperGrowPlants.com This is a few different seeds. Which have you grown? Let me know which ones you like.
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Nov 22

best marijuana strains to growing kush weed smoke weed out of bong

alturl.com Check out this link now if you want to learn more about growing weed or buy the best weed seeds available anywhere! This is where I go to buy all of my cannabis seeds 🙂 alturl.com best cannabis strain best lights for growing marijuana best marijuana grow book best marijuana strains…
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Nov 20

Top Shelf Medical Marijuana Strain Photos #1 – HD!

dispensaries.org Platinum 707 Headband, Afghani Kush,Couch Lock, Fire Diablo OG Kush,Grape Kush,Hindu Kush,Lambsbread, OG Diesel,OG Kush,Pineapple Wreck,Headband,Princess Kush,Purple Bubba Kush,Purple Dream,Super Silver Haze,Sweet Dream,Trainwreck,Black Diamond Kush,GrandPappy (Grand Daddy Purple),Master Kush,Sour Grapes
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the best Marijuana strains of all time 10. Strawberry Cough Light and smooth taste with a subtle hint of strawberry. Good buzz with a medium body high. High has a medium duration. 9. Silver Haze Very smooth taste with a hint of spice. A very intense body that can last the whole day 8. Blue Berry Kush Very stick and pungent. Heavy body high with a medium duration that takes a minute to kick in. A Creeper. 7. Train Wreck Sweet and tangy smell with pretty sticky nuggets. Quick and intense mental high. 6. Jack Herer One of the most popular strains for medical use. A cross between Northern Light and Haze. Very potent strain with and intense body hand and a pretty long duration. Named after a legendary grower and activist. 5. AK — 47 Winner of the Best Sativa in the 1999 Cannabis Cup. Very popular with medical users for body pains. Great body high and very popular with growers cause of it’s easy cultivation. 4. Purple Haze Very popular because of it’s intense mental high. Especially among artists. Jimmy Hendrix named a song after the strain and rapper Camron did the same for his 4th studio album. 3. Sour Diesel Very fruity taste with gorgeous orange and crystallized nuggets. The high has a medium duration but it is very intense. 2. OG Kush Very compact nuggets with a slight lemon taste. Extremely heavy body high with a medium duration. HARD HITTER. 1. White Widow 1995 Cannabis Cup Winner. One of the highest percentages of THC known. Beautiful very crystallized nuggets with a
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Nov 16

Bootcamp- Crossing Strains

medicalmarijuanabootcamp.com Chubbs & Tang shed some light and how easy it might be to cross great strains… and to still get something good out of it.
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Nov 16

Mountain Jam medical marijuana strain review

FREE www.grostrain.com Check out our free online medical marijuana strain reviews if you like buds, weed, pot, grass, growing, seeds or anything else related!

A new strain of cannabis that contains low amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and high amounts of CBD (cannabidiol) allows patients to attain significant relief from illness while reducing intoxication. CBD has also been shown to slow, stop, and sometimes reverse the growth of tumors.
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Nov 15

A scoop on medical marijuana legalization

The AMA supports medical marijuana legalization. The AMA stands for American Medical Association. This is the largest association of doctors in the country. The association supports the use of medical marijuana for medical and research purpose. The association has been successful in persuading the federal government in taking medical marijuana out of the black list of dangerous narcotics. There are many medical conditions which can be cured by treating with medical marijuana. A lot of research is taking place in the nation on various medical properties of medical marijuana. The government has also lent its support. While the previous government was against medical marijuana legalization, the Obama government is taking necessary steps to stop prosecution of people using and distributing medical marijuana. This rule is only applicable in states which support medical marijuana legalization.

Fourteen US states have gone for medical marijuana legalization. Twelve more states are in the process of medical marijuana legalization. As a result many seed banks have sprung up selling different kinds of strains and seeds. One can find a good Attitude Seed Bank by reading online Seed Bank Reviews. There are varied uses of the medical marijuana plant. One of the products is also known to be helpful in treating cancer. The AMA is trying to find new ways of using medical marijuana rather than medically smoking it.

There has been an increasing trend in support for medical marijuana legalization. More number of medical organizations are reaching out and voicing their support for this medical cause. One such organization which has rendered its support is American College of Physicians. The attitude of the people and the regulatory bodies is gradually changing in favor of medical marijuana legalization owing to the vast medical benefits of the plant.

An individual using the medical marijuana needs to have a legal card or doctor’s prescription which allows usage of this drug. The most economical way of using this drug is by buying different strains and seeds of medical marijuana plant. There are different kinds of seeds available in the market. The best way to avoid confusion in buying seeds is going by Seed Bank Review. One can find a good Attitude Bank Review on the internet.

Today the medical marijuana industry in the country is growing at very fast rate. As more number of states is going for medical marijuana legalization an increasing number of seed banks are selling the seeds online. One needs to be a tad careful while purchasing such seeds as there have been instances where the buyers have been duped by fraudulent sellers. It pays to do a bit of research on the seller before buying the seeds from him or her. There are many sites and blogs which offer Seed Bank Reviews. With the help of such reviews one can find a good seed bank. There are numerous types of strains and seeds and every seller might not sell all the types. Such reviews also help in finding the seller who specializes in selling a particular strain or seed.

Don Virden is the author of this article on Seed Bank Review. Find more information about Seed Bank Reviews here.

Website: www.WeedMeds.Org Facebook on.fb.me Twitter: bit.ly Larry OG strain from San Diego Organic Wellness Association located in Pacific Beach, CA
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