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Oct 10

Cool Weed Strains images

Some cool weed strains images:

weed strains
Image by JosephAdams

Sour Diesel
weed strains
Image by JosephAdams
So skunky and tasty.

Sep 24

Amazingly Beautiful Weed Buds

Some of the best Weed Strains of the World. Some personal favourites up in here 🙂
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Californian strain review with Clark French from Clear and Action4MS. Clark has been smoking joints to the face all day everyday here in San Francisco trying to recover from 9 months of high priced, poor quality medicine. He suffers with quite severe MS and uses Cannabis in large amounts daily to lead a more comfortable life and reduce the very debilitating symptoms. PURPLE DIESEL is the strain of the day and you can find out more about it at Clark’s Blog over at www.ClarkFrench.wordpress.com Action4MS can be contacted at www.Facebook.com/Action4MS and find out more about Access Sativex too. Access Sativex – clear-uk.org & clear-uk.org Tokeep up to date with the rest of my travels and ganja experience please visit www.CannabisCure.co.uk and subscribe to The Cannabis Cure UK Weekly News Podcast. Each week I’ll be covering UK Cannabis stories and Activism, I’ll have more guests on talking about strains, preparations, the history of cannabis, and you’ll also get to meet some of most important movers and shakers in the cannabis community from across the world! Tweet me: @CannabisCureUK www.twitter.com/CannabisCureUK Facebook: Cure Ukay www.facebook.com/CureUkay Podomatic: The Cannabis Cure UK Weekly News Podcast www.CureUK.podomatic.com Join Clear – Cannabis Law Reform www.Clear-UK.org & www.facbook.com/ClearUK Thanks for watching Enjoy Peace!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sep 12

Which weed strain has the greatest yield of buds?

Question by Hsiuok Kouish: Which weed strain has the greatest yield of buds?
Take into consideration size of nugs and amount of buds.

Best answer:

Answer by D’Andre Lewis
Uhm… Idkk bc weed is a NoNo! I dnt do weed and neither should you! You people need to stop doing this stuff!

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Sep 08

Weed Your Garden Without Hurting Your Back

When suffering from back pain, it becomes difficult to perform various activities, weeding your garden is one of them. Weeding and other gardening chores need you to bend your back for long durations, which could mean increased strain for your back, leading to back trouble. But you can scale back the pressure exerted on your back by sticking to the below discussed tips.

One of the most straightforward methods to make the job of weeding more at ease is to sit on a bucket while doing it. This is a highly advised measure for those who spend a few hours weeding their gardens. Sitting will take the pressure off your knees as well as your back and hips. Do do not forget to place your sitting bones decisively on the bucket though . Also, separate your legs wide and make sure they are at least a shoulder width apart. This will help share the body weight and prevent sciatic discomfort or other back issues from worsening.

If you’ve a relatively healthy lumbar region, then you can consider sitting on the ground while weeding. But here too you must be careful of your posture. Sit with your knees bent so that one knee is positioned in front of the other. Also, make sure that you keep your spine as long as possible.


Also, do not over the position of the shoulders. When you sit on all fours, the movements of leaning forward, shifting and the like are brought about by the shoulders. So, be certain that your shoulder muscles don’t experience needless strain. It is not only the shoulders you have to use caution about ; even the rest of the backbone needs equal attention. See that no muscles are strained throughout the trunk. This is a very important step towards the prevention of sciatica also.

Are you those who like to stand and do the weeding? If yes, then it is recommended that you provide your body some support. You can do it by positioning your elbow on your thigh. Fold your left arm in the elbow and then gradually place it over your left thigh. This may offer your body an external brace and also stabilise the body posture. As a result, your back will not have to deal with any needless jerks. One must be careful about the body posture when subjected to sciatica and different kinds of back pain as the wrong posture could irritate the difficulty farther.

Weeding can be a tiresome task for your back and the remainder of your body. Fortunately, you can cut the amount of pressure concerned by sticking to the above given tips.

Know more about Sciatic Pain and Prevent Sciatica

I am a gym instructor having complete knowledge about treadmills and treadmill workouts.

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Aug 31

Best weed strain and ever smoked ?

Question by Valentino: Best weed strain and ever smoked ?
For the people coming and saying don’t smoke Fuck off -.- .

Best answer:

Answer by eli
Most popular strain for its ultimate dankness is white widow…
BUT ! Personal favorite is some stuff called Elvis Pressly 🙂 from cali

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Aug 25

Q&A: can you identify strains of weed by seeds?

Question by melqui: can you identify strains of weed by seeds?
pretty self exlpanatory and just curious

Best answer:

Answer by Destiny
yeah, you can. lol.

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Aug 17

Q&A: To my fellow marijuana smokers, is there a strain of weed called K2?

Question by Ross: To my fellow marijuana smokers, is there a strain of weed called K2?
I’ve just bought some off my dealer today, I’ve been reading on the net that its synthetic fake weed, but this looks pretty real to me, smells pretty skunky and he claims his uncle grows it, what do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by ganjaman407
I’ve never heard of “K2 weed”, but you never know what name the dealers will give a particular strain. If its real weed, then no, its not the same as K2 synthetic weed which has JWH-018, a type of synthetic cannabinoid sprayed on potpourri, and its really not that safe to smoke, because it can raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels, and cause your brain to swell. I’ll let you judge on if the weed you bought was real or not. If it’s buuded, its most likely real, since K2 is a stringy type substance, and it’s obviously not weed

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Aug 13

Cool Weed Strains images

Some cool weed strains images:

it’s almost that time again (25.365)
weed strains
Image by girlinredshoes
This year I am going to work hard. I am going to make my soil rich, healthy, and grow huge plants in it. I am going to weed and water and strain in the sun. I will not just put it off. I will have a garden.

Jul 28

what are the best strains of weed?

Question by Jamilah: what are the best strains of weed?

Best answer:

Answer by Om shanti, shanti, shanti …. !
*Here is a list & description of the
best strains of weed:


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Jul 22

Which strain of weed grows best out doors ?

Question by Fern: Which strain of weed grows best out doors ?
White widow , super silver or himalayon gold ?
in a british enviroment.

Best answer:

Answer by Silverlining
probably white widow because they use it to cross when they want purple power. Most apt to cold climates such as in holland. You might want to think about growing purple power since it is so cold tolerant.

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