Sep 26

Theweedguy Puffs DOWN 31 STRAINS

Theweedguy decides to sample the entire menu for Imedikates 6128 Fraser street Location. All the strains are truly awesome and are so tasty. Stay tuned for more glorious videos. Enjoy Life. Thanks to Vancity Bull Dog Cafe at 316 West Hastings


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  1. rickjames9898

    munchies and pop $5.00?

  2. ekfosho

    i want this life

  3. WakeUpDrunk420

    @Davyc712 Im Not saying smoke trash. im just confused because he always does a ash check and it always looks the same lol…

  4. Davyc712

    I lol’d when you said you were just starting to feel it like half way through all those joints 😛

  5. Davyc712

    @WakeUpDrunk420 lol why would the weed guy smoke trash? 😛

  6. MarkKlokeid

    @WakeUpDrunk420 lol ok good idea.

  7. WakeUpDrunk420

    The ash always looks the same when you show it.
    instead could you post the ash of bad weed?

  8. EvanTheFive

    man come to fuckin ottawa

  9. EndLessWorldz

    Do you have to have a medical card to smoke on these shops?

  10. blubbycorn5

    i wish u were apart of my family…hahhahah

  11. ctmck1492

    mark, us bitches in ontario have nothing on you boys out in west.

  12. ubermicrolol

    yaa weed is the dangorous substance if someone sat there and drank 31 beers they would head to the hospital right after runnin home to beat their wives or something lol

  13. xsploit

    lol this is mkinda fun says everyone is good

  14. ricksta65

    good on you bro respects & UK peace :)))

  15. lloydx9

    how was the rockstar?

  16. urbanpothead

    damn how many grams do you run through on the daily mark??

  17. ElectrikBear

    IM REALLY STARTING TO FEEL IT… 0_0 hahaha 7:20

  18. IxQuickScopexI

    I’m pretty sure you’ve smoked 30x the amount of bud i’ve smoked

  19. stellardarkstar1

    @Respekweed inside im not far from you in the northeast hit me up love to get some clones

  20. JRJcrf150f

    how was the ginger ale? did it taste like ginger ale?

  21. aldagudnamesrgawn

    Roll it up in one big joint haha

  22. smokestorm88

    fuck u haters

  23. urbanpothead

    hey mark i seel you love to roll up but to you ever toke it up wit sum nice glass???

  24. MrBambam1017

    I wish I could make and appointment Ala

  25. Respekweed

    @stellardarkstar1 It tastes like Feet? From seed, my friend got a few kinds from single seed.com, are you looking to grow indoor or out?

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