Aug 09

UG 29 How to get weed in Mexico!

www.urbangrower.com When you use cannabis as medicine you need to be able to find it while travelling.This video will show you how..
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holy shit!!! some friends of mine found this. this is not a lie. this weed and hash was found near Yosamite. it was dug up and was in an ammo case along with mushrooms and other delights! i believe the hash to be from maracco or lebanan. i also think that this is genuine thai stick! this is at least 30-40 years old no joke! it did get me very stoned! i was also able to aquire seeds from the cannabis flowers.


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  1. chasesiena

    @Michaeltanase Weed was made illegal in the 1930’s because the us could use it to deport immigrants 🙁 hella dumb tbh

  2. son0falion

    He ment 120 pesos not dollars , that equal 10 bucks. weed here is sold in prices of 20, 50, and 100 pesos and no! you dont get brick weed , that only goes for the U.S .Remo didnt get ripped off nor got a great deal. If you a have a good dealer, you could get up to an ounce for 100 pesos , again that equals about 10 bucks. FYI you can carry up to 5 grams legally

  3. vaporizethis

    or i can just go to my cuzins down there
    ps i love the way that guy say my friend at 3:20

  4. lacolectiva

    i need to get some good mota in Tulum,Mex. any contacts???? any good contatcs??? im tempted to take a half ounce pf some good herb in my ball sack, but afraid of the body scanner in ATL airport. Flying out of San Francisco to ATL and to Can Cun. Any advices???? thanks

  5. marcoze

    what city is this again?

  6. dancruz93

    120 dollars in Mexican money! That’s like 10 USD. If u got years goin there, you must have a good connection by thenn, not buyin from random ppl riskin buyin shitty weed.

  7. SirNadroj1

    @Michaeltanase if it was legal people would be making too much money (really with all drugs).

  8. GENeric110100100

    This video should be called, “how to get weed in mexico, even while looking like a cop” hahaha

  9. 5strech0loc3


  10. kushkid503

    @mistercoolwhip weed is legal in mexico bro

  11. WcHDICE

    Its very hard to trust stranger…If U No I Mean…but it’s a gamble

  12. ganjar420

    Lol, this is fucking stellar. 5 Stars, one of your biggest fans man lol.

  13. bear24rock

    man you are crazy!!…MEXICO!?!?.
    WOW!..i was tryna get some weed in thailand couldnt trust anyone for a bit.ended up getting blocks of the stuff for 30euros.compressed block! in the shape of a 9bar of hash.crazy!.i was suprised to see thai stick down the bottom on a menu list in amsterdam,cause i was waisted after smoking it..

  14. Wykid

    hahahaha that was awesome. im surprised they didnt say anything about the camera. and geez, 120 for a 1/4…STEEP!

  15. rmcblack

    playa del carmen

  16. trenta04

    i don’t know why you got a thumbs down bro, i want to know too, lol

  17. MysteryMan1889

    where did he say this is?

  18. riddletoe

    sweet video

  19. hempster92

    this video was very entertaining

    for some reason, i laughed my ass off when they started playing that funny mexican music in the 1st store

  20. armyace06

    remo says”i grow buds like footballs”..lol….those guys have no idea what proper stuff is …ur the man remo ..

  21. DASfilms

    Hey UG. you should come some day to Colombia, am from Italy, i moved here to Bogotá,Colombia,whit my girlfriend and the weed is just insane men, believe me,Colombia is a really great place that has an undeserved bad reputation. since everything is so cheap if you have little amount of money You can live like a king over there. Seriously you need to check this place out,
    ,But most of all go there for the herb man! is just a weed paradise 🙂 i recommend it to everyone

  22. moste1234

    donde men dime y voy soy de xalapa veracruz

  23. moste1234

    yes it is only 2 grams in the streets

  24. OTsmoker420

    pff. I live near Ottawa and i can get an oz for 130

  25. TakeYoMoney187

    easy for you to say , you proly have the money to waste

  26. DontDenyTillUTry420

    Do you still have some of it?was it really dusty?

  27. DontDenyTillUTry420

    Chocolate Thai Stick is the most potent cannabis in the world and can only get it at 1 place!

  28. DontDenyTillUTry420

    Chocolate Thai Stick is the most potent cannabis in the world and can only get it at 1 place!

  29. philquinton

    @FR453R25 Yeah Thai weed as most people encounter it ,looks pretty much the same as this example it does nt smell that threatening rather pleasent but nothing like the weed everyone is familair with sometimes people find pubic hair and other unwelcome foreign objects bound in this shit …

  30. brizzlekizzle

    Man you have thai and g13, luck bastard. I remember I had some thai, for 2000 baht I got a gram but 3 hits or so and I was done for 6 hours. Have fun with your shit!

  31. Helotes420

    Instant, long distance advice on thaistick…god i love this country! Thanks. When I unravel the sting, it falls right off the stick

  32. cannasseur

    @Helotes420 the string should be made from the stalk of the plkant, so it’s still safe to smoke, just probably not pleasant…

  33. Helotes420

    @cannasseur oh thanks man. Your response was just in time! HA! got some string in the bowl! HA!

  34. cannasseur

    @Helotes420 cut the string and unravel it. then you could probably cut it up or prep it as usual

  35. Helotes420

    Welp, I got me a thaistick for $30 at Nebua but It sure is sticky. Do I use scisors to cut it? Do I smoke the string? WTF?

  36. Shurupadi

    Long time ago I was told a friend had passed outat school just fell back ~wards bcz he was so flipped on this Ty stks

  37. FR453R25

    this is the shitest strain of weed, i picked up a half ounce of this before and it wasnt even like weed, was over money if you ask me

  38. 3xaVioN

    @giovannialvarez fuck yeah they’re infamous over here in new zealand too, never had the chance to smoke it but i’ve heard stories my uncle went blind for six hours cos the shit was too skunky lol, anyway i’ve only heard good things, hopefully they got some in amsterdam

  39. howtorolljoints

    @cannasseur … you didnt even try to grow 1?… wow… i wouldve grown them lol

  40. cannasseur

    @howtorolljoints i gave them to a reputable breeder, snow, from snow high seeds…

  41. howtorolljoints

    did u germ the seeds dude? and did they sprout??

  42. giovannialvarez

    GARBAGE WEED but its cool u found it id keep it as a souvenir all my friends parents including mine always talk about the infamous “thai sticks”

  43. ballgms308

    @rastafari406 your a fucking tool, not a halucinogen lol even the government knows that. u talkin bout cough medicine haha smh..

  44. soulleskill

    @lospown LOL it is, but its marijuana gooks used in Vietnam, very good shit!! and im sure the hash and everything was good too, old but fucking delicious.

  45. lospown

    looks like reggie lol

  46. chubyali

    is smoking a thai stick any good?

  47. dondamon356

    @wildyriot73 can u give me some of the fucking seeds?! why did u get rid of them? u cud of sold it to sensi seeds and made a fuckin fortune

  48. nikefc7

    @wildyriot73 should have just planted them for jokes

  49. ontariobuds

    I had thousands of seeds that my mom collected (born in 1955) but none of them sprouted, sadly.

    I don’t think it is genuine thai stick from thailand, it just seems to be tied. xD
    are the mushrooms psilocybin? I’ll but the spores if they are. top $ too

  50. birdman285

    @rastafari406 not true at all, every person has a peak of how high they can get and once its reached u cant get any higher and no1 ever hallusinated off weed

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