Sep 14

What is the best Marijuana vaporizer for the money?

Question by escapee: What is the best Marijuana vaporizer for the money?

I have researched and researched but I can’t come to a conclusion. Is it necessary to buy an expensive volcano when there might be other models that are easy to use and just as durable?

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Answer by pplz1st
haven’t you checked in the yahoo search? but cool to find out that they exist… i hereby recommend them to smokers.

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  1. Stephanie.Coast

    Vapor Daddy. Volcano is expensive and not really worth the extra money.

  2. Biran_Sefar

    Vapor Brothers has an excellent reputation, and is much more affordable than the “Volcano.”

    Cannabis is a relatively benign, non-addictive, non-toxic herb with a documented history of use that stretches back thousands of years. It has been used successfully as a fiber for clothing, a foodstuff, a fuel, a medicine, a spiritual aid, and simply for relaxation and recreation.

    No civilized nation makes war against a plant, especially one as useful as Cannabis. Get informed. Get active. We can change unjust and cruel laws.

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